Several missed mds, which am I responsible for?

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    I work with a business that just took over a new building (with existing residents). The previous mds coordinator has left a mess, there are many quarterlies, d/c's, and even entry records that were never completed, or even opened. My question is: which of these am I responsible to complete? Do I just start with the assessments since day one of the new ownership? Do I complete the missed ones on just the patients that are currently in the building? Do I have to audit and complete all the ones she should have over the past year? I am only talking about Medical (medicare is caught up as far as I see)! How would you handle this?
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  3. by   Talino
    The new owner assumes the assets and liabilities of the prior owner.

    Audit the the MDS history of the entire population. Complete the MDS that are due. You have up to 14 days to complete the quarterlies from the ARD and 14 days to transmit after completion; shorter timeframe w/ the tracking.

    For all late and missed assessments/tracking, notify the state RAI coordinator on how to proceed.
  4. by   andy3k
    Catching up on MDS is only required IF the new owner assumes assets and liabilities of the prior owner. If it is a CHange of OWnership (CHOW) without assignment:

    Both the CCN and the NPI numbers change. All the residents are discharged from the "old" facility on the date of the CHOW (which the old owners must handle) and new OBRA Admission MDS assessments are due for all residents within 14 days of "admission" to the new facility (e.g., within 14 days of the CHOW). The new admission MDS must be completed in a timely manner per the schedule in the RAI Manual.

    Find out what kind of CHOW it is. Change in Ownership is addressed in the RAI Manual, page 2-4.