RUG for a 36 hr stay

  1. Resident admits from acute care on 11/5 and transferred back to acute care within 36 hrs. I completed NT and ND with A0310F=11-DC with return anticipated. She returned from acute care back to SNF on 11/19. I entered A1700-2=Reentry and submitted scheduled assessments as per routine. My understanding is that if a patient admits and discharges with intent to return to the SNF within 14 days all that is required is NT and ND. Our billing person says that the resident was out of the facility for more than 7 days, so in order to bill for the 36 hr stay an NC should be done. Is this correct?
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  3. by   Talino
    If Med A was the primary payor (or HMO who requires an MDS assm't to pay), a PPS 5-day would have been required to bill for the one day stay (24 hrs). You would have combined the DC tracking and 5-day.

    If not Med A, you don't need any assm't.