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  1. I was an MDS nurse in 1999, just prior to the switch to PPS. I am familiar with the MDS process in general. I understand the MDS, the tirggering of RAPS, and the development of the CP's. I am super organized (or shall I say anal) so once I figure it all out, I'm ready to roll. But I just accepted a job as an MDS Coordinator again. Only I'm not versed in PPS. I know there are new assessments. If I remember correctly, it's 5 day, 14 day, and so on. And I know you set your ARD to capture the most skillable events. But that's about it. Is there a site that will help with this, b/c I'm getting little to no orientation. To anyone that did it before PPS and after, what's the biggest difference? THANKS!!!
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  3. by   Talino
    Understand the basics pp 2-27 to 2-40 of the RAI Manual
    Continue on to Chapter 6

    Review the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual

    Attend Medicare training seminars provided by your Fiscal Intermediary. Keep their website in your favorites. There are valuable tools available in there.

    Join a discussion group (free) to get assistance in pursuing a simple to complicated scenario. Post questions here. Seasoned MDS/PPS coordinators lurk the forum often.

    A free downloadable PPS calculator to determine ARDs, grace days, payment period, physician cert/recertification, etc will be a convenient tool to have. Getting PPS assessments done on time is a top priority. Start honing your dynamic and persuasive traits. Befriend the Rehab therapists since they will play a major role in determining the best ARD to maximize your RUGs.

    Knowing MDS is learning to ride a bicycle. Since you have that skill, learning the PPS is simply steering the bike w/ one hand.

    Good luck!