Physician orders section p8?

  1. Hey guys I'm new to MDS, question about physician oders section P8 do that include any order made by MD such as CBC/BMP, Ted-hose, prafos, transfer, x-ray, medications etc...Thanks for your reply.

    Salamat/thank you.
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  3. by   Ruas61
    Any order by an MD is counted as an order unless it is a routine renewal of monthly orders. You also would want to pay attention to new admits and clarification of orders too.

    Do you have an MDS manual available for your use?
  4. by   poohmdsnurse
    Like Ruas61a stated do you have a MDS manual??? ...if not that is one purchase you MUST make and MUST read from front page to back cover and over again.... it is our bible when you defend to a state assessor why you coded a certain way
  5. by   edhcinc
    Hi--you don't need to buy a MDS RAI Manual--you can download it for free (and add updates when needed) from the CMS site.

    After you "unzip" the file, look for (and print) Chapter 3. This chapter defines/clarifies how to accurately code each MDS item. You too, can become an MDS expert:bowingpur!!

    Good luck!
  6. by   jeffrey930
    Thanks for the reply, i do have the manual from work. still working on reading the whole book. I really do want to become an MDS expert one day.
  7. by   jeffrey930
    I work in subacute unit @ chicago, all our patient are in and out of our unit. so basically all i do is 5 day and 14 day complete assestment. so according to manual during admission orders that day is not counted when you code how many new orders in mds? is it correct?.
  8. by   Talino
    according to the definition, p3-205...

    "physician orders - includes written, telephone, fax, or consultation orders for new or altered treatment. does not include standard admission orders, return admission orders, renewal orders, or clarifying orders without changes. orders written on the day of admission as a result of an unexpected change/deterioration in condition or injury are considered as new or altered treatment orders and should be counted as a day with order changes."
  9. by   dbsue1954
    just remember it is not the number of orders...number of days!!!this concept escaped me for a short while while learning this stuff!!!!!!!!