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I have been back doing MDS's for about 2 years, after doing med-surg for a couple of years (I did MDS for about 5 years previously). I just started a this postion, MDS casemix and PPS for a 50 bed... Read More

  1. by   rapkeygurl
    wow can I relate, friday I also gave our nurses an inservice on documentation, and one nurse actually told me " I dont know why you came up with this and why we have to be responsible for our nurse aides I can barely get my own job done." I am thinking to myself when I was working the floor-- no med aide--only 3 nurse aides and we seems to handle it ok even on the bad days with several incidents and sending a few to the hospital and transports. What are they teaching them these days in nurses t raining?? They only want to fax a doc instead of calling them. they dont follow up on important things. And to top it all off our cooporate medicare biller (not a nurse) calls and tells us we are on vendor hold--- which was not the truth and scared me to death because I also teach our nurse aide course in this small town and we could not survive without it. I am like you I do enjoy trying to get the best bang for the buck so to speak. I know our nurses are doing the work but I cant get it collected because of poor charting and that is what is sad to me. I got approval for a new nursing initial assessment that follows the mds. I hope this will work for us. They dont like my careplans either and I make nursing staff look at them now they did not even do that before lol sad.
  2. by   ellakate
    Does anyone's job description say that it is a responsibility to complete documentation in a timely fashion?
  3. by   rapkeygurl
    funny thing is I never even got a job description. I do have one for the states nurse aide curriculum which I do follow. But.. they want to put the adon and mds duties all together and I only agreed to work 3 days -2days doing MDS data and one day in nurse aide training. Plus on top of that I am trying to complete online RN program. I am currently an LVN.