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  1. I'm not familiar with the MDS data set and I have been asked to make a proposal on the types of data analysis that can be conducted with this data. Where can I find a description of the types of data collected for the MDS data?

    If anyone has conducted data analysis on this data I would appreciate hearing what you have done.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Nascar nurse
    I think you may have to be more specific as to what kind of data you hope to gain from the MDS. You may also need to tell us what state you're in as I would assume that some of the reports/data analysis we get is specific to our own area. IE: I am in Indiana and I get some case mix reports that I'm sure the others on here have never heard of because they are not a case mix state.

    Do all of us on here get the quality indicator reports? I get those from a different site than my case mix stuff so I don't know if this is state specific or not.

    Also the software company that you use should supply you with a bunch of different reports. Have you checked into this?

    Sorry, not much of a help.
  4. by   edhcinc
    Hi--am not sure whether my response will be too much, or too little, information.

    1.This is the primary MDS 2.0 webpage. There are links to the data specs/file layout. Also to the QTSO page which contains links to how the current QM/QI are calculated from MDS data submitted to each state's database, then on to CMS.

    2.This is the Quality Indicator/Resident Reports site on which CMS posts many types of reports/analyses/comparisons using MDS data. 3.This is the site where CMS reports Quality Measures from MDS data.4. The MDS 2.0 data is combined for submission as a "flat" ASCII file. Therefore, "raw" MDS data can be analyzed in many ways.

    5. The MDS/RAI manual also has information/explanations about which MDS items are used for the QI/QM and PPS reimbursement using the RUGS system.

    If you would like more information, please send a private note.
    Good luck!