Need some career advice....

  1. Hi All-
    I am seeking some opinions from perhaps some more experienced nurses than myself. I read some other posts here and figured I would ask about my own situation...

    I am a second career nurse (almost 41yrs old). I worked for a year in acute rehab. I just moved and have FINALLY made some headway as far as the job situation. It has not been easy at all.
    I never thought I would be a rehab nurse while in nursing school but it is the first job that came up for me and I was grateful for the opportunity. I found it very challenging and a good mix of med surg along with rehab. It was a great experience. I can't say I loved it or hated it. With only a year, it is hard to say for sure how I feel.
    Once again I applied for countless jobs, after moving, but the ONLY one that showed an interest in me is at a rehab hospital. I was offered a PRN floor job which is what i initially applied for but was also told about a PT job as a PPS/MDS coordinator. This would be to supplement a FT person, not a solo endeavor.
    I was surprised b/c not only is my clinical experience minimal but I have no real PPS experience.
    In your opinion, is this something I should consider or just dismiss until I have more experience under my belt? Perhaps revisit it down the line? It doesn't pay as much as floor nursing and isn't as flexible as a PRN schedule but it did sound like something I would be interested in. My fear is that I just don't have a enough experience to make it work now.
    Any insight is appreciated and many thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Ruas61
    If they train you and you are under a full time coordinator. I would say check it out. Are you interested or looking for hours?
  4. by   coopman712
    I am interested in getting a nursing job. Both jobs present their own sets of challenges as far as hours so it isn't a matter of that.
  5. by   nicolegg
    I worked as a MDS nurse for 5 month, I liked it a lot, it is much less stressful than the floor nurse job. The job is on right track as now, and I am trying to get my MDS certificate in a few month. So go for this won't regret for your choice
  6. by   coopman712
    Thanks! I actually decided against it for now....
    I am totally keeping it in mind though for the future. I feel like I need some more clinical experience for a few more years before I can branch out a little more.