medicare cert sheets

  1. I have been doing MDS's for just over 2 years and the question was just brought up and I need an answer ASAP. On the Cert sheet where the MD signs on admissionwhat date is to be used? Do you use the actual admit date or do you use the actual date that the MD came in to admit them? Any help would be great as the consultant we have is saying to use the actual admit date and my DON has no clue. Thanks
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  3. by   Talino
    use the actual admit date even if md comes in 2 or 3 days later to certify the need.

    this is what the reg says...

    40.2 - certification for extended care services (rev. 1, 09-11-02)
    the certification must clearly indicate that posthospital extended care services were required to be given on an inpatient basis because of the individual's need for skilled care on a continuing basis for any of the conditions for which he/she was receiving inpatient hospital services, including services of an emergency hospital (see chapter 5, 20.2 prior to transfer to the snf. certifications must be obtained at the time of admission, or as soon thereafter as is reasonable and practicable. the routine admission procedure followed by a physician would not be sufficient certification of the necessity for posthospital extended care services for purposes of the program. p13
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    thank youy