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  1. Hi..I haven't been here in a while, but I have a question. I recently started working in a LTC facility (7/2006) after working the last 5yrs in the hospital as a float nurse. Our MDS coordinator has put in her notice and I have accepted her job. I have attended an MDS seminar at our corporate office back in August. The DON, Nurse Consultant, and the Director of Clinical Services (from corporate) would like me to have more training/seminars. Any suggestions? Looking for something here in Michigan.

    Thanks in advance for any help. :spin:
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  3. by   Talino
    Before you undergo outside training and seminars, learn with the current MDS coordinator first. Have your bosses allow you to spend full time working w/ the coordinator during the remainder of her stay.

    Take the RAI Manual home and start reading Chapters 2, 3, 4, and Appendix C. Free online training -- Long-Term Care Resident Assessment Instrument/Minimum Data Set (RAI/MDS) Training

    Any seminar or training can be better understood w/ a basic knowledge of the MDS process. Besides OBRA requirements, MDS is used for reimbursement purposes. Inaccurate MDS coding and unwise use of assessment timeframes can spell huge monetary losses.

    A more detailed online training is available for a fee. Check w/ your state RAI Coordinator for any upcoming training or seminar available in your area.

    You can also subscribe to a discussion group which is very beneficial to MDS coordinators regardless of expertise.

    An MDS coordinator is still an undervalued position in most facilities. Owners and administrators do not have a full grasp yet on what a nurse's knowledge in this position can bring about. Good luck!
  4. by   jenmlee
    Thank you for your input Talino. I will probably only get a week with the current MDS coordinator due to the fact that I have to train another nurse who has accepted my position; actually 3 different nurses/nurse managers. I was the wound care/restorative/infection control nurse manager. The restorative and infection control is being split with the other 2 unit managers and a floor nurse will be doing wound care. I also worked on the floor 2 days/wk. They are hoping to have nurse hired to work the floor instead of using agency nurses. So, when the current MDS coordinator is gone nurse consultant and director of clinical services will come to assist with PPS/MDS scheduling.