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  1. Ok, I am not directly speaking about a quarterly MDS. What I am talking about is an 'assessment'. Our dietary completes the MDS quarterly does an assessment. Our SWS does an assessment, then completes the quarterly MDS. PT/OT write a quarterly progress note with their quarterly MDS, so the chart has a note in it no longer than q3 mo from all disciplines.
    They all have forms, either a UDAT or writeable PDF that they use. I do not have one. I am asked to create one.

    Does anyone out there have a form: udat, copy machine, PDF, whatever.. that they can forward to me? I would be so really appreciative!

    Barring that, does anyone have any ideas of how to go about creating a form? I checked the MDS manual to see what is required of a quarterly, but of course, everything in a 1/4 ly MDS is required, so that was a big tail chase. I checked online, looked for PDF, looked for ltc quarterly form, looked for associated with mds nursing assessment.. and a while bunch of other terms. Ended up in New Jersey's list of forms for civil service workers.

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  3. by   silverbat
    Not exactly sure what you mean, but I just give the departments a blank copy of the appropriate MDS sections for them to fill out while they are doing their assessment for that section. They give it back to me and I input it in the system. You can print a blank copy from your print screen.
  4. by   SitcomNurse
    I guess what I am asking for is a corresponding progress note that is a ROS in accord with the MDS quarterly. Not a quarterly assessment.
  5. by   silverbat
    every interdisciplinary team member shouild be writing a note in the chart with each assessment. My IDT members gnerally write theirs when they are setting in the weekly care plan meetings.
  6. by   SitcomNurse
    Yeah, each discipline is on board and has been doing it for years, nursing keeps changing its 'notes'. Used to be a 3 shift assessment, based on PRI. Thats out. Then it was an InterDisciplinary Team(IDT) note, with everyone putting in a piece, but the other departments were now triplicating work. their assessment, their note, then the IDT note. So, Nsg is changing again. Was looking for anyone out there who had a list/format of what is required on a quarterly note. Turns out, nothing is required, other than to say the quarterly MDs was done, to direct the team/audits to the MDS for the most recent assessment. But prudence dictates... a mention of things in a way that does not duplicate, but more explains the reasoning behind the answers in the MDS. So, thats what I left them all with in the end. Thanks for being here for me anyway, having no form/udat/etc. answer just solidified the answer I already knew. Write a note, and be smart about it.

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