First batch submission for 3.0

  1. I sent through my first batch to CMS. It went through. I talked to DOH here and they said yesterday was the first day they got a kickback of information from CMS. It looks like there is going to be a nice delay.
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  3. by   evalesco
    Can you get your validation report? We are having trouble retrieving ours.
  4. by   sls73
    I submitted my first batch yesterday and retrieved my validation report.
  5. by   rukiddingme
    Have also received several validation reports - needless to say, we were thrilled - it means all this new 3.0 stuff is coming together, and actually working.
  6. by   KingDom64
    I've submitted and gotten validation reports back. One lady's MDS had a fatal error; it was because the date she was first admitted to the facility was entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format, and the validation report said it should've been entered in the YYYY/MM/DD format. ...When there's only one way to enter the date onto the MDS 3.0 form!!! (MM/DD/YYYY). One person's MDS simply will not print out, several keep spitting out mysterious error messages and erases info I work so hard to input.....You've gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!
    There's many asinine error messages like that, a lot of them are stupid computer glitches. I've called and e-mailed our software company; no resolution to the problems yet.
    I told myself I would refuse to let these little problems get to me, yet lately I feel the stress just sucking the life out of me.....I'm ready to go work at McDonalds!
  7. by   lisaRN37
    Any validation reports you've received are no good because there is a glitch in CMS processing program. You can keep transmitting to register your work but don't submit for a validation report on Casper until the CMS site says it's up and running.
  8. by   SunnyAndrsn
    as of this Friday, I've been able to submit but the Casper report still says 'waiting'.
  9. by   katoline
    i wonder if all this differs from state to state?

    the facility i just left told us to transmit, but we weren't able to validate. this facility has told us not to transmit at all. i think cms accepting transmissions was down for a while, but i think it's up and running again, not the validation process though. i am told by this company NOT to transmit. soooo i am not, until told.

    i appreciate everyone's input on various subjects such as unplanned discharges and only putting what you know and "dashing" some parts. a five day for reimbursement if needed of course, but the discharge is only a tracking device. i would suggest if d/c home to make sure the community resourses was checked.