Even the RAI manual cannot make up its mind.

  1. The First edition stated: Differentiating between guided maneuvering and weight-bearing assistance: determine who is supporting the weight of the resident's extremity or body. For example, if the staff member supports some of the weight of the resident's hand while helping the resident to eat (e.g., lifting a spoon or a cup to mouth), or performs part of the activity for the resident, this is "weight-bearing" assistance for this activity. If the resident can lift the utensil or cup, but staff assistance is needed to guide the resident's hand to his or her mouth, this is guided maneuvering.

    2nd edition stated the same.

    Problem: Their scenarios are contradictory- even tho they have update the first edition- they still have "problems" in the 2nd.. less some one can help me.

    Mrs. J. normally completes all hygiene tasks independently. Three mornings during the 7-day look-back period, however, she was unable to brush and style her hair because of elbow pain, so a staff member did it for her.
    Coding: G0110J1 would be coded 3, extensive assistance. G0110J2 would be coded 2, one person physical assist.
    Rationale: A staff member had to complete part of the activity for the resident 3 days during the look-back period; the assistance was non-weight-bearing.

    I thought staff having to perform the activity = weight bearing.. however they clearly stated "activity was non-weight bearing"...(in the first edition they said this scenario was limited assist in the 2010 edition)

    And WHO really holds a persons hand to bring food to their mouth!??

    Mr. F. begins eating each meal daily by himself. During the 7-day look-back period, after he had eaten only his bread, he stated he was tired and unable to complete the meal. One staff member physically supported his hand to bring the food to his mouth and provided verbal cues to swallow the food. The resident was then able to complete the meal.
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