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Hi, I am confussed on something. Say that I wanted to be an MD either in Peds, Gyno, or something like that. When I went to school what would my major be?

this is a stupid question. I was just wondering. I want to be a CRNA and know how to do it. But what if I wanted to be a MD.

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you go to college, apply to med school, graduate, and then specialize in an area. Different areas of medicine take different lengths of time. Surgery speciality would take many years compared to Gen-med.

I realize this a simple, crude explanation, but it is to the point:)


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Do you mean your major BEFORE you attend medical school? I'd say you'd most likely need to be like a chemistry or biology major. Good luck! To be a CRNA, after you graduate from college, if you decide to go that route and get a BSN, which you may as well because in order to be a CRNA you HAVE to have a Bachelors degree to get into the program. Plus most programs reccomend at least TWO years ICU experience. Good luck!


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Nurse Lou.

Yeah I know the way the route goes. I am unsure on what to do. I am thinking of maybe working on the weekends so that I can go on and go to school during the week. My husband and I am going this week to get a student loan so that I can go on now.


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thanks kona.......GREAT SITE

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