MD as Preceptor?


Can a nurse practitioner student set up clinical preceptors with physicians or only NPs?


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I would say it depends on your program, but most of the NPs I know did at least some of their clinicals with MDs.

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On the flip side, my PCP (who is an NP) is precepting a med student. If you find a good match, I don't think it matters.


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Thank you for the info! I am hoping to start an online NP program in the next year. Any suggestions from personal experience?

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Doesn't matter. I would suggest trying all three (MD, NP, PA), but your professors will want you to focus more on NPs, as you are a graduate NP student. You'll learn a ton from the patients, any preceptor, it's the experience you need, not the credentials of your preceptor.

Most MDs would probably "let you fly" once you prove some compentence. I know several I would have loved to precept with/for. Its all in what you/they are comfortable with.

I actually had one NP preceptor that was scared to death to let me be in the same room w/o her. Guess what I learned from that???

Best wishes!

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My school allows NPs and MDs, but specifically excludes PAs for some reason.


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I worked with a physician in internal medicine and I learned so much -it was great. I would not hesitate to recommend working with a Dr. as long as they like to teach!


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I start my rotations in the next couple of weeks, and my first preceptor is an MD. The school allows us to use MD, DO, NP, and PA. I had hoped to work with a diverse group, and learn as much as possible from them.

I'm not sure why PAs would be excluded as preceptors by some schools. Can't be that it's because some of them have a BS degree instead of a masters because I know of some "experienced" (I didn't say older) NPs who don't have a masters degree. I know they have the whole medicine focus thing, but so do MDs. I would imagine that some PA schools exclude NPs as potential preceptors as well. The schools should require us to work with as many different professionals as possible. Maybe it would open our eyes to what the other providers actually do.

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