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MD Anderson RN Program 2015

hey guys,

I just found out that i didnt get accepted to this programn which is starting Feb 2015. Do you guys know what they're exactly looking for? or the process of this application? when i was done with the interview, i felt good about it and im not just saying that just bc they were being friendly, i really came out of the interview .. thinking.. okay i think i did okay here. not to brag about anything but i also felt like i had other things on my resume that will push me forward compared to my other competition.. like im a army veteran, also have worked at MD Anderson as a PSNE previously. i felt like those qualities can help me?? no? i just dont understand what they're looking for. i was pretty crushed when i found out i didnt get accepted.. bc this is truly my dream job and i enjoy working on the oncology floor... i wasnt the best student.. and my gpa was kinda low.. 3.1? but atleast it was still above 3.0 im just really disappointed and kept asking myself... like what did i do wrong .. or whats wrong with me? can someone please explain how the whole hiring process work? thanks guys.. and truly congrats to everyone who got hired!!! must be super exciting to start a new real life =)

Do NOT beat yourself up about it. The veteran and previous work experience did put you ahead. My GPA is higher and i never even got a call back. This job search thing is super stressful. Its frustrating when hospitals turn you down and don't even tell you why. I just learned that the fact that i went to nursing school in east texas will make it extremely hard to get a new grad program in Houston because they usually give it to ppl who had clinical rotations at their hospitals. But don't give up! Get some experience and apply for a regular position. A friend of mine graduated last year and landed a job there. But her GPA was like a 3.8 and she did their extern program

thanks for replying. i actually got an email from my PSNE adviser and she wants to talk about my interview and the panel review. she said she wants to coach me in my interview skills. so.. i guess i didn't do too well on my interview afterall.. lol

Its awesome that she's doing that! I wish the job that turned me down would've told me why. When she tells you where you went wrong please share the tips! && side note: whats a psne?

[h=1]Professional Student Nurse Extern (PSNE) Summer Programits[/h]its a student externship they have at MD Anderson. and yes i will definelty share that with you. hey are you still looking for a job? and do your already have your license?

Yes I am still looking but I'm not licensed yet. I graduate in December so I won't sit for boards until like mid January

Yes I am still looking but I'm not licensed yet. I graduate in December so I won't sit for boards until like mid January

i made an appointment with for next Wednesday.. so i will keep you updated. i still have to pass my HESI.. so im pretty busy with that. i think in just going to stay focused doing those things.

heyy sorry i forgot to update. basically. the lady told me my interview didnt go too well. i didnt answer what they were asking. she told me to use SBAR to asnswer interview quesations. i have to take my hesi again. i failed... hesi v3. did you take hesi? if you did do you have any tips or advice

Yes. Idk how other schools do theirs but we take a comprehensive exit hesi 1 and 2. We took part 1 a few weeks ago and part 2 is next week. I study the comprehensive hesi review book. It teaches you literally everything you shouldve learned in nursing school. Even the things from 1st semester that most of us have forgotten. It bumped all my scores up to the 1000s when i started using it. And do a million practice questions. It helps you to better learn how to answer those kinds of questions so you can make smart guesses on what you dont know. I use Prepu and NCLEX 4000. I love prepu cus the better you do the harder the questions get so you're constantly learning something new. Don't stress! Relax and use all of the knowledge you've gained in nursing school.

What floor did you interview for? Do you have any other tips? I just got called for an interview for leukemia and hematology since I said I had no preference. I'm super nervous because this has technically been the first interview I've gotten for a job I actually want.

Omgg!! How exciting!!! They didn't ask me until I got to the interview. I told them I was interested in leukemia or the telemetry unit I worked on previously. Wow!! Good luck. Make sure u answer all of their questions using the sbar. So u gonna explain the situation and answer what you did or what happened. The lady told me I didn't answer the questions.. That's what they wrote. so you go in a room and u will have 3 to 4 panels. They ask you total of 6 to 8 questions... They asked me, why I chose md Anderson so make sure you to some research about the facility.. Some of the questions I remember were... What time did you have conflict with someone you worked with... How did you portry customer service at work... And they asked me one hard question .. It was something like was there a time when a patient status changed, and what did you do... I can't remember what else they asked.. The interview was about 20minutes. Dress appropriately and relax!! Make sure u get there atleast 30min early... Let me know how your interview went and good luck.. I guess it kinda worked out that I didn't get offered a job.. I didn't pass my 2nd hesi so I have to stay behind and take a class at school. It sucks so bad-!!!! But I have to do it... :( that's where Im at now.. Good luck and let. Me know how your interview went!! Hope that was helpful :)

Thank you so much for the tips. I'm sorry to hear about the HESI! It is tough and I think it's crazy that so many schools have started holding people back due to not passing. My school doesn't require it for graduation (yet) and it's a good thing because only 1/3 of us actually passed. Just stay strong. You've come so far and worked hard. Definitely don't let this get you down.


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That's disappointing to not be accepting even as a PSNE. I'm sure it was just your interview. You'll be surprised how confident I felt about how I interview, just to find out that my answers were definitely horrible for NURSING interviews. I've done a lot of research and asked for advice on how to interview for nursing.

I interviewed at MD Anderson and didn't get it. But it was such a great experience! I will let you know how may methodist/TCH interviews go.

I forgot to update you. I got the job! Answering in SBARR format really helped me from babbling and getting confused with telling my scenarios. Thank you so much for the help! Are you going to reapply next semester? I'd love for you to be at MDA also!

icecream_31689 it helped a lot of my classmates to watch youtube videos as example for nursing interviews. And to practice with a friend asking questions back and forth to help you practice saying it and so someone can correct you on mistakes. When asked the question "tell me about yourself" answer in a present, past, and future kind of way. So talk about your education and current job, then past jobs or activities relevant to the position your applying for, and then describe what you plan to do with your future (like furthering your education). And be sure to do lots of research on each hospital so you can answer the "why do you want to work here" question. I think that's how I won over MD Anderson. I talked about a lot of their accomplishments. And definitely talk about the fact that those hospitals are Magnet hospitals and what you know about that. And have a couple of questions ready for at the end of the interview because that can really help strike up a conversation afterwards and help them remember you.

Do well on your interviews! Congrats! I was too afraid to apply for TCH because they preferred a 3.5 gpa even though thats really my dream job. And Methodist never even called me back!


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Congrats!!! MDA is such a good hospital.

And thanks!! my gpa wasn't a 3.5 but I had applied anyway. Aha and voila! Got a call this past thursday

thaTS AMAZING! WOW SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!. AND YES.. i will definelty try again.. this up coming year.. what floor did you get hired at? blahhh life is just.. whateber for me.. since i have to now spend next semester taking this hesi review class. itss devastating... but i got over it.. lol. but yes.. i want to definetly apply there again. and this time around.. im going to apply everywehere.. not jsut one hospital. did they ask you those questions i told you about? but yeah.. imma pratice alot for the interview this time around.. so i dont come out thiking i did okay but dont hear back. it sucks being disappointed.. its just sucks.. this whole experience. i wish our school got rid of hesi.. or atleast lower the score. my overall score was 84% .. its was 885. but i got it below 900 so they it didnt count. but yea.. i can go on and on about this subject.. but whats the point. anyways.. best of luck!!!


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Mbasey how is nclex studying going?

I passed my NCLEX January 3rd! Had to go ahead and get that out of the way lol. What about you?


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