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I would like to attend MCI in Va beach for the RN program. I have some questions for current or graduate students that I would like answered.

Is anyone starting MCI this year? If so, how much is the program and how long does it take to complete? How long are the day classes? What and how many days of the week? Is there an entrance exam and what did you do to prep for itDo you know if CHKD will hires new graduates? I tried calling but none of my questions get answered so anything would be helpful:)


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The post titled MCI Virginia Beach!!! will answer a lot of your questions!


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Hi! I will 'hopefully' (still wating for my letter) begin their LPN program Sept 28. I was going to go into the RN program, but for personal reasons decided to go the LPN route. So I do have some info on their RN program, it's 15 months long. Day classes meet from 8am-4:30pm M-F. Clinical hrs vary from 6:30am-7pm or 2pm - 10pm.

There is an entrance exam called TEAS , if you visit this site and scroll down on the left you'll see TEAS test practice, it will list pretty much everything on the test. I'm not sure what the passing scores are to get into the program. I know I got a 45% on math and that wasn't good enough to get me in the RN program. I took the test during an open house for the school and was very unprepared and Just to give you an insight I scored a 96 english 85 math and 65 reading. Everything was fine except for my math score (which however is good enough for the LPN program).

Was also told you need a 2.5 GPA from HS or college. I'm not sure what transfers in or not since the only thing I've taken that would have transfered in (if they accept transfers) would have been composition. I've never taken a college level science or math class.

Last is the cost it's $8200 a semester and there are 5 sem so cost of school is about, $41,000 and there is a $100 reg fee.

All the info given is for the NN campus, so times of classes may differ, but I'm pretty sure the entrance qualifications and cost are the same. HTH!!

PS sorry I don't know anything about CHKD and their hiring policies.

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I'm not affiliated with them so I can't give you a definite answer, but from what I'd heard, CHKD has started to hire some new grads.


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I graduated from the NN program in April of 09. Price is high, I payed 32k, but some that signed up early payed 28k. Weigh this against your alternatives. 18 months with no prereqs, 15 months with them all. Still better than most of the competition. Classes are pretty much m-f, 8-4. Add in clinicals, and it's tough. I worked nights and had the GI bill to compensate. Do the math. I winged the exams, but i test well. guides are available. CHKD is tough to get out of school, but if your kid were sick, would you want YOU to be in charge? Get the experience, move on. MCI can do this.

Now I went to the Virginia Beach campus and I approx. the cost it is going to be $45000 for the total 15 month RN program. Now I have to take the 2nd part of the TEAS test and I was wondering if anyone knew what the scores have to be to be accepted into this program? I also do not have a job and my fiance and I and my 3 year old son just moved to the area so we do not have alot of money. I'm also expecting my 2nd child in March so I'm not sure if I will be able to pay for this program even though I want it really bad. My reading score was 93% and Math 80%.


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those scores will definitely get you into the RN program. my scores were in the 70's and you would have thought they were about to grab me a mensa application. :) Good luck! I start in NN RN program in January, starting my pre-reqs tomorrow. Chemistry and Math, yippie skippy!


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I have been accepted to the VA beach location for the Jan. class. I am excited about starting. We have orientation on Friday and I was trying to see if anyone knew what we are going to go over then. I have so many questions to ask about the program, is there anyone who is in or already graduated or participated in this RN program that can give some incite on what I can look forward to? Class starts on the 25th of JAN so if you can think of anything please give me a holler. If anyone is starting the class on the 25th please drop a line or two.



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I don't go to this school but I know someone who does. She seems to love the school she just says the 5 week schedule is killer!!! I want to go to this school next January b/c I will be giving birth to our second son in April. Has the price changed? Last time I checked it was 37000, but that was probably a year ago. Also with the prereqs do they take classes older than 7 years. I took computers, math, english, sociology 8 years ago. I wonder if they will let me transfer those in.


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I want to say that some of my prereqs are at least 7 and some are 5 years old so I believe as long as your sciences are within 7 to 10 you are good but the rest are fine. They will let you transfer English 1 and 2, Nutrition, College Algebra, Sociology, and computers most of your general ed. Good luck and the price is up to 40000 this year if I am not mistaken.


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what are the prerequis for the MCI RN program?


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Computers, Chemistry, and Algebra

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