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Do you know if students get accepted with teas score in the mid70's. I am applying for the fall semester and I'm not sure if my teas score will be good enough. Reading-96%,math55%, science74%, english74%. I didn't study anything I just wanted to see what the test was like. Your reply will be appreciated

did all I can do. The teas that I took it 4.0. I bout the ATI BOOK,I bout the pactise online. I get nervouse when I start taking the reading part, which is the fist part. However I feel bette when I got to the othere parts. I have one more chance to take the test.

Hi there. I took the teas test and faild the reading part. please help said you got 96% for the reading ,so I figured you can help me.I have a third chance to take the test. My email is

Thank you


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I forgot to tell you I am from the same collge......I think if I am not mistacken you are from Montgomery college.

Thanks again. I am tring to apply for the sping 2011.

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