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Mayo Phoenix Nurse residency '15 . Who applied?

Did anyone else apply for the nurse residency program that begins July 13th? I was just wondering if anyone has gotten called for an interview or how it all works? I'm pretty sure this is a completely different program than the nurse externship program that everyone else on this board is talking about.

I applied for the Mayo New Grad RN Residency program. My application status still says it has been "received." Has anyone's status changed? Has anyone gotten a call for an interview?

Hi I also applied! My application status also says received. From looking at a previous positing for the fall program that started in Feb., it seemed like it took about a month until people started receiving calls for an interview. The statuses would change from received, reviewed, interview, and then you would get a background email I believe.

I was called at the end of March and interviewed last week, they said they have interviews scheduled until the beginning of May...long wait.

Hey everyone!

I just applied to the residency program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Actually I sent in the application in March (the 17-19). I was wondering if any of you guys had applied to this program as well! It has been almost a month and my application status hasn't changed. It still says 'application received'.

Do any of you know much about the hiring process? Will we get both emails and phone calls regarding acceptance/rejection?

Has anyone heard ANYTHING?!


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There's a thread about this on the Arizona board. Try there.


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Merged thread in Arizona forum as same residency program.

Best wishes to the applicants for the start of a rewarding nursing career.

I just had my interview yesterday online for Mayo's Residency program in Phoenix. Anyone know how many interviews they are doing and how many new nurses they are taking??

Which board do you mean? Can you supply a link, please?

I had my interview at the beginning of April, one of the first rounds of interviews. It was in person, and not on the phone or online. I'm not sure how they decide the order of people being called for interviews? Local first and then out of state? They told me the decision will be made after May 1st and we will receive notification if we were chosen or not, either way. From reading the choices they gave me of positions, it looks like there are 8 critical care spots and 22 of med/surg? I may not be remembering the numbers exactly but less than 40 slots it seemed to me.

Hey everyone! Did anyone hear from Mayo yet? I was offered a position for 4 West (Cardiology is what she said). I'm from Iowa! Did anyone else get offered a position?! I cannot believe it honestly!

Hi! I also just got a position. I am on med surg and palliative care! I'm moving from Wisconsin so this is going to be quite the adventure! Have you found a place to live yet?

well we are from the same region anyway! Did you get the paperwork yet? I am still looking on the Internet for places to live. Will you be moving by yourself and do you know anyone? My grandparents live down there 6 months out of the year.

Yes I got the paperwork yesterday. I have no idea where to live so I may need some help with ideas for that! We should become Facebook friends so we can talk that way!

Also no I don't know anyone at all! I'm moving alone!

Yes! I'm Amanda Marie on Facebook I'm from cedar falls Iowa if that's any help

I just added a Amanda Marie so I hope it's the right one! I'm Sabrina Joyce on Facebook.

Hooray! Congrats, y'all! I accepted an offer from the nurse residency program at Mayo and will be on 5W Neuro/ENT, day shift. I can't wait to meet you all!

Hi!!! Congrats!! I can't wait to meet you too! You should add me on Facebook! I'm Sabrina Joyce from Wisconsin. I got palliative care and med/surg.

Hey! I accepted a job on the cardiology unit 4West! I'm working days as well!! :) can't wait to meet everyone, and I too have Facebook if you want to add me I'm Amanda Marie from Cedar Falls, Iowa!!!


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