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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has insight on the new grad RN experience at Mayo Clinic? I am graduating with BSN in May from Ohio if that helps any. Is there an official new grad program there? How long is orientation? Does it usually start together?

How would it be moving from Ohio by myself? More specificially, do a lot of new grads come from out of state? Easy to socialize or find roommates? ANything and everything would help! Thank you so much!!!


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hello! i am starting at mayo on monday! i graduated from a 2 year college in wisconsin and relocated to rochester when i was hired. since i haven't technically started yet, i can't tell you how the experience is but i can tell you that the orientation period is 12 weeks long but they will extend it if they think you need more time or you ask for it.

i also know that mayo starts new orientation every other month. i was hired back in january but have to wait until this monday to start. i know the orientation starts out with all new hires (people who are hired to mayo from nurses to doctors to environmental service staff). then it breaks off into classes just for people in your field. after the first two weeks you then train in your unit with preceptors.

as for moving from out of state--i am married so i moved with my husband. when we were looking for a place to live i did see a lot of advertisements looking for roommates. i know that staff that work at mayo come from all over the country just like the patients do! i hope this helps and good luck!


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How was your recruitment experience? Who would you recommend contacting for new grads? What is the pay scale like?

(sorry for all the questions!!!) How is it so far?



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I applied online and was called for an interview a week or so later. If you look at their website and go through job descriptions new grads can apply for all the jobs that don't require experience. I just looked through jobs and applied to a few that I was interested in. The pay scale is great. I am getting paid more than all my friends that I graduated with by at least 4 dollars/hour! I am really enjoying my new job. It is stressful...but I think all new nurse grads are stressed when they first start nursing.


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Hi! I started at Mayo last year as a new grad. Mayo has a great orientation program and the staff are very supportive. There is a general orientation for all new staff and then a department of nursing orientation where you learn the charting system, Mayo policies, etc. Then is also a more in depth orientation/internship for critical care and progressive care nurses. Once you get to your floor you are paired with a preceptor for several weeks and you gradually become independent! Its great to work for an organization with so many resources and you really feel like part of a team. Because Mayo has such a huge presence in Rochester, they try to make you feel a part of the community as well. Its a relatively small city so that is something to get used to but the Twin Cities are only a little over an hour away and there is virtually NO traffic while still having all the conveniences of a big city in town. Most nurses I've met are from MN, WI, IA, SD, ND but there are tons of people that come from all over the country. On my unit we have people from all of these places plus NV, WA, MT, NY, and even Poland! Overall the organization is a fantastic one to work for if you can stand living in a smaller city and the opportunities for advancement are endless. Also you get to work with patients with rare diagnoses and some of the best health care professionals on the planet! Hope this helps, good luck with your job search!


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I was looking at the current job openings at the mayo clinic and if I search for opportunities in MN and then under nursing there are no staff RN jobs; is there a different place to look that I'm just not able to locate?

It really seems like they offer a fabulous residency opportunity.


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Unfortunately there is now a hiring freeze. I was hired about a month ago to start as a new grad in an ICU in July. I got a call yesterday saying my job was rescinded, so I'm back to square one... missing out on a month of valuable job searching time. If anyone knows of any other hospitals hiring new grads please let me know.

Mayo Clinic has recanted all job offers. I was meant to work starting July. I received a call about a week ago. Now I am unemployed because I quit my job to move. Already signed papers and switched over my license per their request. If they are that bad off I doubt they are going to hire anyone.


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That is really bummer news to the two of you who had offers taken back; that really stinks. Did they tell you when you may be able to start (at a later date) or did they simply take it all back and tell you to reapply is positions open up? I know here some places took back job offers and told new grads they would likely be able to start in September or Jan.

Hopefully everyone is able to find the job that they will love.

Everything taken back, we were told we could reapply in the future if we wanted.

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