Maybe it was a big mistake to be a nurse :(


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It HURTS to have someone suggest you resign, and esp. as a new grad when you haven't had much experience in the field and understandably lack confidence.

Yes, it does hurt to have them suggest I resign. I think that's why I'm upset about the whole thing. Though I have to admit, I am very glad not to be working there anymore. It really just wasn't for me.

I was told that my interactions with the patients were good, but I'm sure my supervisor could see my stress as soon as I stepped out of the room.


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Try Psych nursing,it is wonderful and it is the absolute opposite of med surg,but trust me,you will never regret the time you spent on med surg,i hated it too but i am so grateful i worked there,it will inform the rest of your practice no matter where you choose to finally go:wink2:

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