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Maximizing my chance!


I am very excited to start my nursing career and eventually would love to be a midwife. Due to a low GPA from undergrad 8 years ago, I am starting from an associates. I would love to get into the Queensborough CC nursing program. I am taking a Pysch class and A and P 1 in the pre-clinicals. I have English comp from undergrad, 1 and 2, of which the higher mark is a B- and same mark for the math, which unfortunately isn't so high, and they don't allow repeats. Based on these aspects from 8 years ago, what is the best way to maximize my chances of getting in, and is there hope? I cannot give up on my dream :-)

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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There is no standard method for computing GPA as part of the admission process. Some schools use a comprehensive GPA, while others may only look at your pre-requisites or another sub-set of courses (e.g., math and science). Some schools will wipe out the lower grade for any course you repeat, but others average the two grades while still others may not even allow you to submit any repeated courses - !!! Yeah, it's crazy :scrying:

Before you make a decision, do some in-depth investigation to see how GPA is calculated by the schools you're applying to.

Good luck on your educational pathway.

Thank you for the reply. How about Queensborough specifically?

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Thank you for the reply. How about Queensborough specifically?

Have you tried to make an appointment with an advisor from that school? They may be able to assist you in the specifics of getting into their program.

Best of luck to you.

I would say focus on getting really high grades in the classes you are taking right now (especially A&P). Preferably A's. I know it's tough. I've been there. But it's definitely doable!

-good luck 😃

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In my area, ADN programs are harder to get into than BSN programs. They are insanely competitive. I would make an appt. with either an advisor or admissions officer for the school you are looking at and talk to them. This is a world-wide website so I am not sure that really any of us can help you with this.

Thank you. Exactly my plan!

About 20 credits worth to do great in!