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Hello everyone, I start intro-nursing in July. We are required to take a math intrance exam to qualify for the program. Can anyone tell me what to study to be ready,is it pretty basic?



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Ask this question at your school's nursing department. They can even recomend a book or couse to prepare.

Only they will know what is tested for sure. Some schools look for ability to do med calculations and understanding of med notation on enterance exams. Other's look for ability to do basic algerbra. Best to ask them. I did.


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where i attend we had to take nln placement test.....there is a book to buy (i bought it) that covers the topics of the test. my test had english and basic sciences, too.

the math part was heavy on decimals, fractions, proportions ....there is a website called (i think) which has a free prealgebra course online which covers everything that was on nln placement test.

but, if the test is higher level algebra this free course will not help.

good luck


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Try the book Math for Meds by Curren & ? Try Barns & Noble on line search. This what was recomended for Nursing 101 and has lots of practice problems to help you refresh not only basic math skills like fractions but also has dosage calc., drip rates and conversions. You will most likely have to do some sort of conversions like miligrams to grams. We have a new math test every semester, which gets harder and harder with dosage calc and drip rates and such. This book is a great help since everything is pretty much self study. Good Luck!!

Meg Wilson

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dear future nursing student;

math is a real important part of nursing. confused:

i suggest you buy the curren & munday authors-- math for medications-- i believe they now are up to the 8th edition. do all the early chapters and then progress through the book with each new level of nursing school. rolleyes:

comis sans

basic acccurate mathskills along with single variable algebra, ratio & proportion, dose desired or dimensional analysis are all effective types of math solution approaches. ::p

math is not extremely hard in nursing ;however , it must be done accurately or a patient can die. practice -up and i hope you enjoy your new chosen profession.

meg wilson msn, ed.d. rn:) :)


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I'm with Agnus on this one. The schools that I looked at that required a math test as entrance to their program offered a book to prospective students to help them study for the exam. Usually the cost of the book was between $20 - and $30.


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The math required for the RN program I am in was VERY basic, not to say that your's will be the same. If you had to take an chemistry course and comprehended that math, you should have no problem.

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