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Math Online?


Hi Everyone!!

I just had a question. I just need one college level Math as my last pre-req for my nursing school application. I chose developmental math. Has anyone taken any of their math classes online? How was it?

Thanks so much!!!


I currently am taking Modern College math online and really enjoying it. Didn't know how math would be online but the way the teacher has it set up with her doing screencasts to review each unit is great. Currently have an A in the course.

Good luck!

Awesome!!! I hope I am as lucky.... just realized I am not taking developmental math but fundamentals of mathematics... sounds like it will be easy enough but who knows :) Thanks for your reply. :)

Sand_Dollar, BSN

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I took college algebra online and I'm currently taking stats. In my algebra class, the teacher was useless. I hadn't taken any math in 20 years and it required a lot of extra work finding videos and sites to explain the concepts better. It was my worst class ever. I got an A, but worked my butt off for that class and was miserable the entire semester.

I have the same teacher in stats and even though he is still of little help, the concepts are easier (find the right formula and plug in the numbers). If you are taking the course from a nearby college, find out if they have a math lab to help you out, so if you ever get stuck you can get some assistance. Even with my horrible experience in that one class, online classes are definitely the way to go!

I am currently taking my math class online and its not too bad. It's hard to figure things out on your own without the teacher teaching it to you, but its definitely do-able!

Thanks for all the advice everyone.... I ended up enrolling in an in-class class and changed it to Algebra II and then I'll have to take Micro, A&PII and college algebra in the fall which I didn't want to do, but the registrar at the school I want to apply into "recommended" I have college algebra as one of my pre-reqs. Blah!! But again thanks for the advice. :)