maternity clinical risk for failing bec. of proper assessment and nursing diagnosis


i need serious help over here so i appreciate keeping any judgemental comments to yourself.

i'm in trouble of failing my clinical

anyways here's how i do my assessment in maternity. the flr that we are on by the way is postpartum. and we do the morning shift


1. ask the mother when she last had a meal.

2. ask about her previous pregnancy. how is the current one different from the last one.

3. if she have other kids, i asked about their ages.

4. her support system at home.

5. do the physical assessments and question the mother for any changes in her status.

-if vaginal i ask her about her bleeding if it was any different from the day before i was there. if she's c-section i check on her incision.

- pain level. where if she is experiencing it.

6. do the hourly round safety checks.

~ suggestions on additional questions that i should ask the mother?

7. give teaching if needed

- breastfeeding

~ when baby won't suck. i advice changing breast feeding position make sure the baby is parallel to the mother's breast, take off some clothing of the baby, mouth stimulation feeling the upper palate, introduce the nipple to the baby's mouth.

i know my knowledge on breastfeeding is not superb so additional information about breastfeeding is appreciated.


~ what other physical manifestations that may seem abnormal but is normal to a neonate such as dry skin, nasal congestion for a 1 day post partum (how long is this appropriate like is nasal congestion in a 3 day old post partum still acceptable?), acrocyanosis.


at the end of our clinical we have to come up with two nursing diagnosis that tie in with each other.

that's where i'm having problems. the patients we get on our flr are usually healthy individuals. issues we often get are fatigue, breastfeeding ineffective, sleep deprivation, caregiver role strained, risk for , this wellness diagnosis abt. a parent's idealized idea of a healthy baby. so basically most diagnosis that we could come up with for our patients has to do more with their psychological and psychosocial well being

~ any suggestions for books? clinical handbook i could buy online. advices we'll definitely be appreciated.

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What about the effects of blood loss? (fatigue, dizziness, safety risk r/t potential falls.....I had a mom hit the floor when she got up.... BP drops (orthostatic), pallor, tachycardia, activity intolerance)... check the delivery records for EBL (estimated blood loss), H & H.

Potential self-care deficit r/t fatigue AEB sleeping whenever nobody is in the room, c/o "just want to rest", __________.

Potential for feeling overwhelmed and inadequate d/t lactation issues AEB voicing stress over poor suckling of infant

(it's been a LONG time since I did my OB clinicals - :)).

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Try here, plenty of ideas

There are plenty for psycho-social dx's. But there are quite few for physical. What about pain? Just generlized pain from childbirth or if she had an episiotomy. Pain from breastfeeding. Pain from C-Section

risk for infection r/t episiotomy or in the breast milk duct, c-section incision

impared skin integrity r/t episiotomy or c-section incision

constipation or urination issues

risk for ineffective breastfeeding r/t (pain, etc)

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im not sure what kind of population you are working with but we get a lot of low socioeconomic patients.

risk for ineffective health maintenance r/t low socioeconomic status