Material for learning congenital heart disease


Hello AN

I am a new nurse in pediatric CVICU. My background has been NICU before moving this new position. We see a lot of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, TOF and many more. I have been on the unit just over 6 months. I have taken a few classes and have the fields guide to congenital heart disease. I am looking to also obtain a subscription to a journal and was looking for suggestions. We do see all ages in my unit from neonate to middle age +.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you!


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Ask one of your attendings for a recommendation on a good medical text book on pediatric congenital cardiac anomalies and their surgical repairs then go buy it. Probably be able to pick one up used for less than 200.00 dollars. Save your money on the journal subscriptions for now. Read that medical text book and you''l know more than 90% of the nursing staff on your unit.

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The Society of Critical Care Medicine is a great resource. Whle not having a specific journal for hearts, they DO have the only peds specific critical care journal. It's pricy- maybe your unit could buy a subscription?