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Masters - Sydney vs Melbourne??

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Hello! I am new to the forum so I should do a little intro :-)

My name is Jaime, I am 23 years old and I live in Melbourne. I have a BA from Melbourne and I am currently in the middle of a Bsc at Monash. Since the end of HS I have been deciding between law, vet and medicine. I have the marks for either (lots of study!lol), but I was waiting to find something I had a passion for. I have vet nursed as well as having my own animals (horses & dogs), and I have has a little involvement in the legal industry, but as much as I was interested in both fields, I couldn't see myself enjoying it for a long period of time.

I have finally concluded that I would like to become a nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care. I am really not interested in any other area, with the possible exception of a short stint in ER or OB/GYN.

IMO this choice comprises elements of all the things I love - it is high risk, high tech, allows oppurtunity for higher study, involves dealing with a small group of people on a consistant basis, interaction with a small number of patients and being highly involved in their care and the decision making process. The hours will also allow me to continue competing in dressage.

Ultimately I am also interested in a management/consultant role.


My question is regarding the Masters degree offered by Melbourne and Sydeny. I would **love** any imput from those who have either studied this degree, or have heard feedback from others regarding the teaching quality, outcomes, feedback from employers etc.

Thank you!!! :-)


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joannep specializes in Community, Renal, OR.

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I can't help you with the course you are asking about as it is very new and to my knowledge there are no graduates. However, entry level nursing as a masters is more common in the US. You may find more information following this link



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