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Hey guy's I have a question, I'm trying to go back to school for my master and Im so lost. I want to so Women's Heath NP but I also want to be well rounded with an acute care NP. I see alot of FNP programs and thats not what I want to do but if I could get my FNP to be more marketable then get a certification in Women's Health NP. Im so lost IDK what I should do.

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What area do you work in now?


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1). You can work in WH as FNP. In fact, places which are not limited strictly to serving females of fertile age (urology, fertility, gyn/onco, gyn/geri, ID/HIV, many inner city/underserved populations clinics, even rural ERs) are known to ask their CNM Advanced Practice Nurses (with eons of experience) to get FNP or AG primary care certificates so that they could see everyone else.

2). What you are doing as an RN matters, but it is depending heavily on area and current practice. Where I am it is easier to get into WH as FNP with no experience than into L&D as a new grad BSN.

3). You need to decide, roughly, what and where you want to do, then work from there, not the other way around. Being "well rounded" is not about your specialty or area of occupation, it is about your knowledge, with which school can help only so much and for so long. The rest will be on you, to the end of your career.

If you have doubts, which is completely understandable, ask to shadow as many different NPs as you can meet.