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Hi there!

I'm a newbie to the boards! :) Anyone out there in a Masters Entry Program? I'm desperate to get into the one here in San Diego at USD, but the competition is fierce. Does anyone know by chance of any programs like this that are pending starts for the future? I know California is lacking the educators to open more well needed programs, but I'm still hopeful!

Many thanks!



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howdy, hopegirl! i, too, am applying for the usd program - maybe we'll get in together? the only other program in socal is brand new, starting this fall at western university of health sciences in pomona. however, you've already missed the app deadline for fall 2004.:o

i think they are accepting applications for fall 2005. the website is

were you at the usd open house a few weeks back? maybe we "saw" each other and didn't realize it!



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Hi Topcat,

Yes! I was at the Open House a few weeks back. My husband joined me, and we were sitting in the front row. I have long red hair. :)

Wow, so are you applying for Summer 2005? I want to, but still need my 2 out of 3 science prereq's, so unless I am going to really stretch myself over the summer to do 2 of them, there is just no way for me to get them done in time since the deadline is September 15th. Are you finished or have yours in progress?

My main concern, and a valid one, is that my GPA is a 2.9. I had to work

A LOT in my undergrad and just didn't have the time to focus on my studies like I wish I would have. Also, I wasn't focused on something that I was passionate about, so I suppose as well that I was not as driven to succeed. I want to get into this program so badly, and know that I would do well. So my plan at this point is to get A's in A&P and Microbiology, take Biochemistry as well with an A, and try to the absolute best that I can on the GRE. I don't think there is anything else that I can do. I am going to start volunteering in a couple weeks, with direct patient care experience. Anything else that you can think of? I'm sure you are in a much better position than I am to get accepted. :)

I have looked into that program at Western, and saw that I just missed the deadline. Unfortunately, I really do not think that we can relocate right now, so I am "putting all my eggs in the USD basket", haha.

I am considering starting a second bachelors at SDSU in the Spring or Fall. What do you think about that? It's a three year program, which just kills me to think about since the USD Masters program is only three years, but the bottom line is that I really want to be a nurse. My goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner, so if I can't do the MEPN program, I'd rather get started in nursing as soon as possible than wait around forever trying to get into USD. Your thoughts?

Good luck to you! No matter what, I just keep telling myself that I'll get there eventually! :)


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Hi Hopegirl!!

It has been a year since you started this thread. But, I am in the EXACT same situation as you. My GPA is EXACTLY the same (2.92) and I just started volunteering again at the hospital I volunteered for when I was in high school. I really want to be a nurse practitioner as well and I want to get into a MSN Entry Level program in the Bay Area (I'm from San Jose). I'm so scared about the application process and getting in that I am even considering going for the ADN programs at community colleges as well. But, if I do that, I'd feel like I'm going backwards. Then again, my main goal is to be a nurse and then a nurse practitioner. What happened with you and your situation? Did you get into USD? I'm glad that someone is/was on the same boat I am; this makes me feel less alone.

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