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I currently work as a Canadian RN.  In our province, there is a pay increase for your hourly wage once you obtain a Master's degree.  It is only a few dollars but it is still something.  I am planning to go to the US next year.  I am wondering if there is a pay increase for Master's degree RNs in the US?  (NOTE: we are not working in an advanced practice role.  We are still working as a staff RN.)

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This is extremely facility specific. One of my employers did have a different pay scale for bedside nurses with an MSN. Another did nothing - a bedside nurse is a bedside nurse is a bedside nurse. My current one doesn't have a separate pay scale, but does have a level of the clinical ladder program that only those with an MSN can apply for.

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On 8/19/2022 at 7:09 PM, Rose_Queen said:

This is extremely facility specific.


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