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I'm considering applying to the Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program at Augsburg. Is anybody familiar with that program or have any feedback about the usefulness of pursuing a master's degree in nursing at this moment in time? I don't intend to pursue advance practice nursing. Thanks.

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Nursing is a Science, so you should focus on the Master Of Science in Nursing (MSN) I cant imagine what would the curriculum be in that program of the MAN.


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I have a previous bachelor's degree in liberal arts and an associate's degree in science. This program would allow me to complete a master's degree with my current degrees. They have tracks in leadership and transcultural nursing, and I am interested in the latter. Here is a link for the program. Transcultural Nursing in Community Track » Master of Arts in Nursing | Augsburg College I am meeting with them tomorrow and will know more then.

So you are not currently a nurse? I don't think this program is appropriate for you, but let us know what you find out. Augsburg's website states:

Selection of candidates will be made on the basis of an evaluation of the following items:

An earned Bachelor’s degree in nursing from a regionally accredited college or university, or an Associate of Science degree in nursing in addition to a non-nursing bachelor’s degree

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all previous college coursework

Experience as a registered nurse

Three letters of recommendation

A current, unencumbered nursing license

All required immunizations

Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

A Criminal Background check

A college level statistics course within the last 7 years is required for progression in the program, but is not necessary for admission

A written statement describing professional and educational goals


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I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. Yes, I am currently a nurse. I have an associate's degree in nursing and a non-nursing bachelor's degree. This program is exactly for someone with my academic and professional background, and I meet all the qualifications. The school is very interested in me.

My question was not about whether I am qualified for this program (I am), but whether employers cared whether a master's degree was a MAN or MSN. I'm interested in hearing from people who are familiar with the MAN degree.


How'd it go? I'd think it'd be equivalent (thru extrapolation), but you might want to contact potential employers about it.

As for a BAN vs. BSN, it appears to be equivalent. i found this at Magnet Recognition Program® FAQ: Data and Expected Outcomes from the ANCC's page on Magnet Recognition Program® FAQ: Data and Expected Outcomes

When collecting information about educational level of RNs, where do I count someone who has a bachelor of arts in nursing?

The category will read baccalaureate in nursing. If the RN holds a bachelor of science in nursing or a bachelor of arts in nursing, it should be counted in the baccalaureate category.

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