Where can I go from here?

  1. Just heard that I have not been accepted back into the Associate program I was in. I failed ( 73%) the final of my last semester! My grade was 76% our pass is 78%. I failed another nursing course 3 years ago, and now they want take me back.

    I have a BA in sociology, should I just try to get into an LPN program and work my way back up? I don't think a BSN or another AS program will look at me! My GPA has plummented( 2.34) and I have failed. don't know if my old program will give me the necessary recommendations.

    I am so mad at myself ... ANY suggestions?

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  3. by   lucyt
    That's too bad. It stinks when students are right on the cusp of passing and they don't make it. I'm sorry.
    What school were you at? Depending on how badly you want nursing I would try for a LPN program. Don't give up if you really want to be a nurse.
    Good Luck
  4. by   feelingbetter
    Thanks, i am looking into LPN programs now, I was at Laboure. I am determined to do this.
  5. by   spudbunny
    If you have finished more than 50% of a nursing program with clinicals you can finish your adn at excelsior college - www.excelsior.edu. Excelsior is acceptable for mass licensing and it wouldn't be that far for you to drive to Albany (where Excelsior is located) to do your clinical test. Good Luck.

  6. by   feelingbetter
    WOW! I never heard of this place! Have you or anyone you know been there? I have completed everything but my last med-surg. Thank you for this potential ray of hope
  7. by   spudbunny

    I attend Bunker Hill so I cannot comment based on personal experience. If you select the "students" tab and then click the "Distance learning for nurses" link there are many threads on excelsior.

  8. by   feelingbetter
    Thank you, I went to students and long distance learning. That helped, now I still don't know what to do.. Don't know if I can take the pressure of the clinical test! You have given me alot to think about.
    Good luck at Bunker hill, hearing great things about their program!:wink2: