Upper Cape Tech 2011-2012 LPN Program??

  1. Hi Everyone!
    Is anyone else going into the 2011-2012 LPN program at Upper Cape Tech?? I just recieved my acceptence today! Also...does anyone have any advice for someone entering an LPN program?(Besides lots of studying) Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  3. by   Aanuszczyk
    I was also accepted into the Bourne campus. I am waiting for my letter from BCC before I send my deposit though I will probably see you in the fall though
  4. by   Aanuszczyk
    Where are you from?
  5. by   caraj829
    Yay! I'm waiting to hear back from CCCC's RN program, but they don't send it out until the end of April so I'll have to put the deposit down on the LPN program either way. We're living in Plymouth, but I'm originally from NY. My husbamd is in the Coast Guard and we were transferred here last year. Where are you from? And good luck with the BCC RN program!
  6. by   Aanuszczyk
    I did not have the pharmacology calculations class done for CCCC's program. I did apply to Umass Dart and Massasoit, but I will also put the deposit in anyway. I am from Mattapoisett. I am just so excited to get started in the fall! I have not heard from anyone else about Upper Cape. Do you know anyone who graduated from there? I am looking for feedback about the place...
  7. by   caraj829
    Yes, there's a girl from my Microbiology class that did the LPN program 2 years ago and is about to enter CCCC's LPN to RN program. She said the LPN program was good, the instructors were great, but the program is hard since it is a lot of information for only 10 months. It's pretty intense but she said it was totally worth it. She passed her NCLEX the first time she took it and found a job pretty quickly too. I'm so excited to just start a program!
  8. by   Aanuszczyk
    Well that's good! Hard I expect, but I am glad she said the teachers were good. I am really excited too!!!
  9. by   MariaLemus
    I got in at Harwich!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. by   Aanuszczyk
  11. by   caraj829
    Congrats!!! Does everyone have the same orientation in June?
  12. by   Aanuszczyk
    the 8th at 1???
  13. by   caraj829
    Yes! Yay!
  14. by   chriscrow
    Ahhh I am waiting to hear from UCT.. and it is driving me nuts... When did you girls take the acceptance test?? I went in February and had my interview in March and was told I would hear either way by April 15th.. here we are the 13th and I haven't heard a word.. I am freaking.. the waiting is sooo hard. I am curious as to when you girls took the test and had your interview? Thanks for any information. Also when you got your acceptance information did it have the tuition and financial aid information with it? Thanks again for any information.