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  1. Hello Everyone: I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone on here has any advice on being accepted into the STCC Nursing Program. I will be applying to the program for the fall of 2010. I am taking the pre-reqs now, but have a question regarding the HESI. Does the exam cover chemistry and physics in addition to A&P, Bio, Math, and English? I have the exam book and have been studying but wanted to make sure I study the correct subjects. Any advice would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   bananimal
    If you are only applying to STCC, you will not need to take the Chemistry portion of the HESI because it's not a requirement for STCC. However, if you are using that HESI score to apply to other colleges, they may require the Chemistry portion, and in that case, you would need to take the Chem part. Physics wasn't on it at all. I studied from the exam book, it was a very helpful tool. Almost all of the vocab I didn't know (that I learned from the book) was on the actual test. I got an 82 on the HESI exam, did well in every section except for Biology (I last took bio in 10th grade.. I'm 22 now.. looooong time ago!).. and the Biology really brought down my grade-- BUT I got into the program, so it was still good enough (:
  4. by   JessH
    Thanks for the speedy response! I got the book and I really wasn't sure what to expect. I figured if I get it now I'll have 8 months to prepare. I have a BA already and have taken Chem 1 & 2 as well as Bio 1 & 2 but it has been a couple of years! That's great that you got into the program, you must be exited! I will be taking A&P 1 and 2 this summer and Micro in the fall, hoping to do well. The other prereqs I have already completed. Anyway, congrats on getting in and I plan on using this great resource for a while!
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    I gave myself a lot less time than 8 months for preparing.. you will do FINE! I wish you luck in A&P and Micro, as well as the Dosage Calculations course. And thanks for the congrats!.. yes I am very excited.
  6. by   JessH
    I just happened to be over by the bookstore, so I picked up the book. I look at it a few hours a week just to keep my mind working. On another note, what type of grades do most of the students accepted in the program have? I have all A's and a few B's (no C's) but I really don't have any idea of how competitive it is. I know there were around 600 applicants last year...I guess it depends on the application pool. Thanks for all your advice thus far! What a great resource this page is!
  7. by   bananimal
    Yeah it really depends on the application pool. I actually had some really bad grades haunting me from my past, but I took the courses over and got A's in all of them. I think they try to look at you as a whole sum of all the application requirements.. if you do well on the HESI & Math for Nursing, a B would probably not hold you back.

    The math for nursing class is definitely one of the more important ones, if you can't do dosage calculations, you can't be a nurse, period. Then the HESI exam, obviously, very important.

    I think they probably take the top people of those two factors and then weed the rest out by grades. (I don't know that for a fact, thats just what I think lol)

    Also, even though it doesn't say it on the application-- send them other resources to show your experience. For example.. I gave them a copy of my CNA Certificate, you could send in a CPR certificate, or any other health related certifications you've had in the past. I did a Nursing Partnership program at Baystate, so I sent them info on that. My last job I worked in animal care giving IVs, vaccines, drawing blood, lab tests, etc-- so a write up of that was helpful. If you have any sources like that, even if its just volunteer work, get a write up about it from someone who supervised you on company letterhead-- and all of that will be taken into consideration as well.
  8. by   JessH
    Thanks so much for all the info. I am going to sign up for that Math for Nursing class soon and try to get it done before the summer session starts. It's going to be a busy summer as I'm taking classes in the evening and working full time!
  9. by   bananimal
    Good luck with everything!
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  11. by   JessH
    So I started the Math for Nurses. I was wondering how they determine your it either Pass or Fail or do they assign a numeric value based on your test scores. I'm trying to figure that out but as it said on the site they do not take an average of you test scores...I'm working on the first test now.
  12. by   bananimal
    Once you finish all the tests, on your report page you will notice that about 8 or 9 of the tests are listed in BOLD. These bold tests are averaged together for your grade. So, the average of that has to be an 80% to pass, and to be eligible for admission to the nursing program.

    I was never sent a "grade", all they sent me was a paper showing that I earned a certain about of continuing education credits for taking it. But I think I scored a little higher than a 95% average if I remember correctly.
  13. by   JessH
    Oh, ok. I was taking some practice tests and those are also listed on the report page. So I'm assuming it's only the "final" tests that they use to calculate your score. Can you retake those tests...just curious...there is really no good explanation anywhere of how this class works. Thanks for your input!
  14. by   bananimal
    No, I don't think you can retake those. I know there is a page dedicated to it off of STCC's Nursing page, but I don't know how much information on it is helpful to you.