Snow Stinks!!

  1. I know I should have posted this in the The Break Room but I'm not a premium member so I figured I'd post this were people can actually appreciate it.


    I live just south of Boston and am sitting at my desk (pre-nursing student, starting LPN in Sept) and just can't believe we're getting more of this crap....OVER IT!!

    Sorry for the rant but had to get it out. Go Sox!

    So I figured I'd start a thread of the top five reasons to enjoy the snow.....

    1. Well hell did freeze over when the sox won the series so I guess snow is expected

    2. Instant excuse to not get on my elliptical machine (because I was shoveling)

    3. Easy excuse to be late for work (again, still at an office job)

    4. Covers up those crater sized pot holes

    5. honestly can't thing of any others.....
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  3. by   edogs334
    I'm sick of the snow,too, but if you live in Mass, you just take have to take the good weather with the bad (kind of like every other situation in life- it's never perfect). I've lived in Mass all my life, and have definitely done my share of complaining about the snow. However, there are many other pluses to living in the Boston area that outweight the minuses a lot of the time (beautiful summers, the ocean, world-class hospitals). Think about it, if you moved to Florida or California, you'd have awesome weather during the winter, but you'd have to endure extremely severe weather and disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes) that might literally rip your house to shreds. I think we have some of the most optimal weather patterns in New England (esp. in southern NE), because we rarely have weather that kills people or destroys their homes. Just my thoughts.
  4. by   DDRN4me
    i also live in ma..but north near the nh border. i soooo hate the snow, but i grew up with more than we usually get so i just suck it up! looking forward to summer and the beach......
  5. by   MedicalZebra
    I'm a dialysis patient in Western MA, and what a pain it is when it snows on a dialysis day... by the time I finish digging out my car I'm about ready to pass out, then I still have to drive to the unit for my treatment. Then I get to skid and slide all the way home after dialysis, wondering if I've just spent my last 4 hours on Earth stuck in a dialysis chair!