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  1. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hi! Does anyone have any experience or information about working as an RN at Shriners Hospital, particularly the one in Springfield, MA? I am interested in pediatrics, but I never hear anything about this hospital! TIA!
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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    I can give you information about Shriners, although not specifically that hospital (there are 20+ Shriner Hospitals in the US)

    Shriners treats children from birth to age 18 with orthopedic conditions such as spina bifida, club feet, chest deformities, hand deformities, as well as a variety of other problems and genetic conditions. Some Shriners hospitals also treat pediatic burns and spinal injuries. The hospital was started by the Shriners, which is like a fraternity. Each hospital has certain Shriners temples that donate to each hospital. The Shriners volunteer and play a huge role in keeping hospitals operational.

    All care given at Shriners is provided completely free of cost to the patient and the parent. The 20+ hospitals operate off an endowement fund, and spend close to 1million dollars a day caring for these children.

    Shriners is kind of a hospital that "stays quiet". If you dont need it, you dont know it there. Shriners does not have an emergency room, it simply has a nursing floor, an OR, a recovery room, and outpatient clinics where children are seen before and after surgery. Many doctors from surrounding areas of the hospital volunteer their time 1-2 times per month to provide specialty surgery, such as delicate hand surgeries.

    For a child to become a patient at Shriners, they have to apply to the hospital. They must have an orthopedic condition and the surgery that they are requesting at shriners must be able to help them become better in life (ie- a terminal or DNR patient would not qualify for surgery).

    Some hospitals take new grads, others require 1 year experience. It really is a wonderful hospital to work for, and you are truely making a difference in the life of a child.

    Does that help? If you have any more questions, feel free to post them.

  4. by   April, RN
    Wow... yes, that helps a lot! Thank you so much! Shriners has such a good reputation and does so many great things for children and their families. I was surprised that I never hear anything about the hospital, especially since there is one relatively near where I live. It is definately something I want to look into, even if it has to wait until I have a few years of experience behind me. Thanks again!