Salem state nursing program questions

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently attending NSCC for my prereqs and I am almost done. I intendo to apply to salem state this fall for the Winter/Spring semester '15. I was wondering if anyone attends or attended Salem state and how the admission process was. Also, how was your typical schedule with lectures and clinicals? Were you able to work during the semesters? Any answers will be very helpful. Thank you!
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  3. by   catebsn25
    I went to Salem State but was accepted back in 2006, and the curriculum has since changed since I graduated. However, the professors in the nursing program are AMAZING and very supportive. I was able to work, but not much with all of the homework and studying. It was typically a four hour lecture and two 8 hour clinical days per course.
  4. by   eMilli
    I'd be interested in replies! I am starting in January '15 at SSU after finishing my b.s. psych program in the Fall (I just added nursing as a second major).
  5. by   mickeyrose912
    I would highly recommend Salem's Nursing Program!!! I just graduated from SSU in May 2014. It is a really good program, but hard to complete in 4 years. The program is 150 credits. I got my BSN and a biology minor. While i was in school i worked weekends. It is a bit hard to work during the week since clinicals are all over the place. Classes tend to be 8 am to noonish, but you wont have class every day. Clinical could be 12 hours and once or twice a week, at night, during the day. Hell, there are even weekend clinicals. It really depends on what semester you are in.Feel free to contact me with questions. As i said before, i would HIGHLY recommend SSU! Salem provided me with a solid nursing education and the NCLEX was much easier than i thought that it would be because of the education that i received.
  6. by   nursingpassion16
    Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely have questions to ask! Thank you
  7. by   eMilli
    I am a psych and nursing double major, wrapping up my psych program this semester. I will only have the nursing classes to take starting in January. Some students have said the program can be difficult to 'bulk up' on classes simultaneously. I'm concerned I'll be stuck with one class per semester for 3+ years. Do you have any advice/contacts to help navigate this? I've been told advising often mentions this after the fact! Appreciate it in advance!
  8. by   mickeyrose912
    The thing that is obnoxious about the nursing classes is that most of them are prereques for others. Example, you can't take 300 level courses until you take the 200s. I'd ask your advisor. Junior year I believe you start taking the 9 credit courses. Taking one of those alone can feel like 6 classes... I can't imagine taking 2
  9. by   zachjessmom
    Best of luck to you! I wish I could help but I graduated from Salem State College back in 1991.
  10. by   Mrs.D.
    Did you hear back if you made it into the program or not? From what I have experienced, the application for the BSN program, and the requirements are simple. If you are competitive compared to your classmates may be another story, but applying is a cinch. You probably know this already since the deadline is upon us and this post was written so long ago. Either way, good luck!

    I just applied for the spring too. I know this is a really old thread, but if you ever get back on here, I made a general SSU BSN spring 2015 thread where I hope to meet all the ladies (and gents) in the program. Feel free to head on over and leave a reply telling a little bit about yourself. Later! Mrs D

    Here's a link to the thread:

    Salem State University (SSU) BSN starting spring 2015
  11. by   nursingpassion16
    Hi Mrs. D, I did apply but for Fall 2015. I was going to apply for the spring but I changed my mind. They received my app and gave me access to their navigator login student site so I can check the application status. Good luck with everything and I hope we both get great news!
  12. by   Mrs.D.
    Oh, awesome. So, you were accepted to the school, you are just waiting to hear back about the nursing program? If you are in Navigator, then you must have a student number, correct? Do you know if you will have to wait until after the deadline for the fall 2015 class? That would be torture!
  13. by   nursingpassion16
    They gave me a student ID number but I don't know if that means I was accepted to the school, I don't know if that is just part of their application status. I hope they don't make me wait haha! I believe they won't though because of the way they've been handling the whole application process. I'm nervous but super excited! Maybe we will see each other around!
  14. by   Mrs.D.
    Maybe we will . I really like that I can see what classes transferred in as so I know how it fits into the degree, and I can plan accordingly.