Role of nurse in assisted living?

  1. I'm working in assisted living. The actual education I am receiving on the job can be described as piecemeal, on the fly, in the form of "Oh, and you have to do this..." (blabber, blabber, blabber). Does anyone know of any comprehensive formal education on the role of the nurse in Massachusetts assisted living facilities? I know what the reg is, I plan to slog my way through it, but I'm hoping for something more. I've found Mass-ALFA and they have a 90 minute video for $99 but I'd like to find out if there's anything else available.

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    Are there any assisted living experts reading here?
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    I'm still looking for someone who can give me the skinny on the role of the nurse in assisted living. Any info on courses? Organizations? i.e., what is the best organization to join? I'm particularly interested in dementia, so am interested to hear about any specialized programs, classes offered, as well as specific book recommendations.

    I'd love a mentor.

    I'm looking for anything that will help me move along a little faster in understanding how care/services are delivered in this setting.
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    We can't give injection, no IV's, trach, wound care or gtube since it's assisted living you don't get a lot of hand on clinical experience. Of course you still have to assess the resident if they complaint about any issues, than depend on their condition you can send them to the hospital via ambulance, have their family bring them to the dr or if they on service with vna than they can come and assess the patient as well. Also maybe different depend on the asl
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    Working in assisted living is considered unskilled nursing. My first job out of school was assisted living and i LOVED it, I got to spend a lot of quality time with the elderly which i enjoy. My supervisor encouraged me to leave and get a skilled nursing job though. My duties included passing meds, supervision of aids, calling the Dr on the patient's chart whenever someone got sick and reporting my assessment... monthly weights, making sure they made it to meals. There is really no extra training needed.
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    How is the pay, does it pay well? Is there a pay difference between the RN and the LPN or all are paid the same?
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    Quote from catplay
    How is the pay, does it pay well? Is there a pay difference between the RN and the LPN or all are paid the same?
    Pay usually depends on the facility and your experience (how many years you have been a nurse). I started out at an ALF as an LPN and when I became an RN I got about $2 more an hour, not a huge difference. I am working at an inpatient psychiatric hospital now and I make way less than I had started as an LPN at the ALF. I took it to get the psych experience though while I am going to school to get my BSN. Good luck!!
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    I am a registered nurse for thirteen years, and did some part of nursing like, subacute, LTC,and hospital, but now I feel a bit burn out, and so i decided to try ALF hoping for less stress, but now I'm discouraged with the pay rate of $22.00 per hour, part time, every weekend with no differentials. I feel like i have been down graded to nothing, after making between $30-40 per hour. Do you think this a fair pay. I'm emotionally discouraged and don't want to accept this job. I am trying to negotiate the pay, but I don't think it's hopeful because apparently they are more interested in LPN. What a nurse to do when you feel burn out in this profession? Is there any thing out there I can try that is less stressful with a reasonable pay. Any advice? Please help!
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    try looking into adult medical daycare. its not as stressful. assisted living isnt all that great i hate it.