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OK I admit it, I am very anxious to start the LPN program in Sept. I have been reading all these posts about care plans and clinicals and all kinds of stuff, but I hear it's all specific to the... Read More

  1. by   bizo
    i went to the orientation for the lpn's starting this fall. i remember they made copies of the courses we're supposed to register for. are they going to register us or we still have to go in and do registration by the deadline in the handout.
  2. by   ERIKALYNN

    You Need To Go Into Coddington Hall And Register, Im Not Sure On The Date Because I Already Registered, I Think It Might Be Soon-- Call The College If Your Not Sure 617-984-1600. Thats Not The Allied Health Dept, Just Ask For The Extension. Good Luck
  3. by   Mikestah

    Once we pay our tuition bill we and submit the form to Enrollment Services we should be registered for our program classes. Erikalynn, is that how it worked for you? I will be a last minute payee. The last day to register is the 19th of August. The Med sheet is due the 26th.
  4. by   bizo
    thanks for the replies. i'll pay on the last day to register.
  5. by   ERIKALYNN
    Just Was Wondering If Anyone Got The Lab Pack That Was On The Book List?? If So Whats In It?
  6. by   Mikestah
    I just opened it and there are needles, irriation trays, IV kits and disposable medical equipment we will be using for the labs.
    Did you get all of your books? There is one book I cannot find on line and was going to buy it in the book store but it was not due in until the 22nd.
  7. by   ERIKALYNN
    yes i got all my books -- at least i think i did maybe i will double check. i just had to get the nursing books because i took all the other classes. what book were you waiting for
  8. by   Mikestah
    I just need the Study Guide for The Human Body in Health and Disease. I could not find it on line. It is supposed to be in after the 22nd. Looking through the books, I am just wondering if we are going to get through Nursing Fundementals in one semester.

    I am just relieved that everything is either done or scheduled and paid for.
    The one grant I had, did not get to Quincy College until the morning of the 19th.

    Now if I can only remember what I did with my name tags.
  9. by   Boston-RN
    I have all my bookks as well....I just need to get my shots tomorrow....

    Oh yeah and I just broke my arm....not kidding. Have to have surgery next week, just 1 week before classes start. I hope I'll still be able to start. The school said they can make accomedations for 2 weeks, after that I have to have function of my arm...thankfully it's not my dominant arm

    Wish me luck w/ the surgery
  10. by   Mikestah
    Wow, I am sorry to hear that. I hope your surgery and recovery go well. I have heard that the first couple of weeks are basic things like making beds, housekeeping things and getting vitals signs. Hopefully, you will have recovered enough to start. I would hate to see you go throught all this preperation and not be able to start.

    Good luck with your surgery and I hope top see you on Wednesday.

  11. by   bizo
    does anyone know the location of our classes? and one more thing. i want to know if it's possible to bridge to rn right after the lpn. i don't wanna wait a whole yr b4 i start.
    good luck to y'all and i hope we all make it thru the next 10 months.
  12. by   Mikestah
    I thought that it was funny that the registration form did not have the classrooms listed. I guess we will find out either today or tomorrow where the classes are. I was hoping to have to have all of them at Temple Street.

    From what I remember at the open house before the orientation was that in order to be accepted into the bridge program you had to have your lpn license. I did not think we will see our license till early August and the Bridge program is usually full by that time.

    Has anyone heard if jobs will let you start work as a LPN if you have taken the boards and passed but do not have the actual license yet?

  13. by   Boston-RN
    Re the bridge program....

    You need to be licensed and you need to have the pre-reqs....chem w/ lab, A&P 1 &2, Eng comp 1, Micro w/ lab and Gen Psych...

    I know the P/T bridge starts in Jan and last year in Dec there was still room....If not, I know Massasoit offers a bridge program too I just don't know what the requirements are.

    See you all tomorrow morning!! I'll be the one with the blue cast on my arm LOL:hatparty: I can't believe we're actually starting tomorrow
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