Quincy College LPN-RN

  1. Hello, looking for students who completed the LPN-RN program at Quincy , I was curious about student to instructors ratio, clinical sites, overall insights about the program...
    Any comments/ advices will be welcome !
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  3. by   BostonNurseNic
    Hello - I completed the weekend bridge program in December 2016 and passed NCLEX-RN with no problem in March 2017. We changed instructors half-way through the program, and each one had very different lecturing styles. Overall, the program was not difficult. Combination of quizzes, exams and group projects. Clinical sites were larger hospitals outside of Boston on north and south shores and were all positive experiences. Clinical instructors were great! Class size was limited to 30, clinical groups had 10 - which were split into 5 each. To my knowledge, everyone in my cohort passed and graduated. PM me if you have any specific questions.

    I worked 40 hours during the program and had no problem keeping up with assignments/exams and passed with a 3.5 gpa, so it's definitely doable working full-time!
  4. by   vitiana
    Did you specifically applied for the weekend only or applied to both weekdays or weekends to keep your options open?
    Did have all the recommended courses completed ? ie: History /government, Computer Sciences and Microbiology,ENG 102.
    Did you only do the nursing classes during the bridge program or you also did the non nursing classes and was comfortable working 40hrs /week?
    I will send you a PM as well please
  5. by   BostonNurseNic
    Hi - yes, I only applied to the weekend program because that is all that was offered for that particular start date. I had all of the pre-recs complete except the computer class and I took that online before the start of the program. I only took the required nursing classes during the program. Any additional classes would have been too much with working full time in my opinion.