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Hi everyone, If anyone has any questions regarding the direct entry program at Northeastern University please feel free to ask. I am a first year student and I am enjoying the program very much. ... Read More

  1. by   jnd1213
    I applied to the psy specialty. they told me early bc they offered me a scholarship if i were to start this semester, which i don't quite fully understand. i turned it down because it's just too soon for me to make a decision...
  2. by   MSN hopeful
    That is asking you to make a decision pretty quickly. congrats on your acceptance into both schools and good luck with the decision process!
  3. by   jnd1213
    thanks! good luck to you too!
  4. by   kobrien629
    congrats jnd! thats really exciting!

    MSN hopeful - any idea when we should be expecting BC acceptances? I was told "late January" but I'm extremely anxious!
  5. by   CharmedJ7
    From checking out past years threads, it looks like late january (starting maybe around the 20) is normal. So I guess I'll start nervously checking my mail box starting in the next week or two. Good luck all!
  6. by   MSN hopeful
    I was thinking more like the last week in January, but we'll see. I am also pretty anxious. Does anyone know what the BC acceptance rate is and how many direct-entry students are accepted?
  7. by   CharmedJ7
    I don't have any concrete numbers, one I've heard is <20%. For sure it's low though in comparison to many other schools because they accept such a small class (in comparison to say, Columbia, which has an equally good program but the acceptance rate is closer to 50-70% since they accept >100 a year)
  8. by   Jennifer0512
    Heyy all, I also applied to the Direct Entry program for BC and Northeastern (and MGH). I haven't heard anything yet and am anxiously playing the waiting game! It's frustrating I want to know already!!!! Good luck to all of you! And post if you anyone hears anything more!
  9. by   puravida09
    Hi there!

    Has anyone heard anything yet? I am not sure about Northeastern, but last year I heard from MGHIHP in early March. Maybe it will be the same this year. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   kobrien629
    I've heard from Regis & BC. MGHIHP told me that they will be mailing replies by the first week in March. Not so sure about Northeastern & Simmons though...? Hopefully soon so I can stop running out to the mailbox like a little kid everyday!! =)
  11. by   Jennifer0512
    I heard Northeastern started calling people for interviews on Monday. I'm wicked frustrated because they showed up on the caller ID at my house (I'm away at school) and my parents didn't pick up the phone! And they didn't leave a message. I'm hoping they will call back, but if I don't hear from them by the end of the week I might give them a call...
  12. by   Redsox17
    I was accepted to Regis, Columbia, BC (with scholarship) and found out yesterday I was accepted early to MGH. I declined an interview at UMass (BC was my top choice). I sent in my deposit for BC so I wouldnt lose the scholarship about 3.5 weeks ago. Haven't heard anything from Northeastern yet...don't know when the next round of interviews is. Good Luck Everyone!!!
  13. by   Jennifer0512
    Wow!!! Congratulations!!! Next round of interviews is next weekend (20th-21st) but they havent' started scheduling them yet to my knowledge (they will probably start to schedule Monday the 16th).

    I am waiting to hear from MGH as well. Although I don't think regular decision goes out until first week of March. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    CONGRATS TO YOU AGAIN! That is so great!