New Addition to MGH?

  1. I was just looking over the MGH site, reading one of their annual reports from 2005, and it mentioned that in about 4 years from now in 2011, they were going to open a new building (to celebrate the General's 200th birthday) with an additional 150 private inpatient beds, and providing more space for their ED since there is an overflow, and many of the inpatient beds are filled. Anyone have info on this? At some point I'd like to work at MGH and was wondering what these beds were (like extra ICU beds, med/surg, etc.) so they may need more nurses. TIA.
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  3. by   KellieNurse06
    Really.....hmmmm... Maybe I'll have my BSN by then ...My final semester nursing instructor worked there for a long time actually..(she was a NP)..
    That would be great if it happened for sure, huh? I also would love to work there...or B&W.....either one... if you find out any more please share! lol!
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    Me too! I'd definitely love to hear more about this..but that's what the newsletter said. The president of MGH wrote the article so it sounds almost definite. And I thought MGH was huge enough! What do they already have like 900+ beds? Anyone who works at MGH feel free to post.
  5. by   oualie20
    Hey Lena RN !
    How's the job ? I worked overnight last night and woke up around 12 noon because I dreamt that I didn't give report and needed to go back to work to report off so I woke up in a panic. :trout: anyhoo, I haven't heard about MGH expanding though I wouldn't be surprised. The motherload of hospitals BWH is adding that new bldg across from the ER entrance, and as rumor has it, they'll be hiring in order to staff that facility. So I'm sure that may be in the future for MGH.
  6. by   quakerkid
    MGH is first razing the older "clinics" building, which is currently underway. Once completed, the so-called "building for the third century" or B3C will house surgical suites, a Neuro ICU, as well as an expanded emergency room on the first floor. Other than that, the plans are kept hush-hush!
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey quakerkid thanks for the info! I read a recent newspaper article a few months ago that talked more about the expansion. Sounds like they are going to be a 1000+ bed hospital when all of the building is done. Do you work at MGH? Again, thanks for the info.
  8. by   Bill E. Rubin
    I came across this about the B3C on a fundraising site for MGH:
  9. by   Shopgirl1
    Yes, they are building a new building right where the main entrance is. I dont think it is much of a secret since construction is already under way. It is going to have 150 new beds, with lots of attempts to be private rooms, there is also going to be 8 new OR's (I am unsure of the number) and I know that they are expanding the triage area of the ER, not the entire ER.
    Unsure as to what the name of the building is, some millionare hasn't donated the money yet! : ) Anyhow, it is for their Bicentenial, and they are taking down either 2 or 3 buildings. So thats all the info that I know, hope it helps!

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