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  1. hi am going to graduate in May. am from massachusetts. i started looking for jobs but so confused about pay rates. can anybody tell me how much is the starting rate/hr for a new grad RN??? i know it depends on hopitals you work but still if someone can give me an idea that will be great... thnkzz.
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  3. by   gerry79
    Well generally Boston hospitals pay more than community hospitals. Brigham pays the highest new grad pay with Mass General on the lower end. Beth Israel (where I work) start new grads out at $28.00 (this includes starting salary of $25.75 plus the PPC $2.25 which is a long story in iteslf) which seems to be somewhere in the middle and ST Elizabeths star new grads out at $26.40. South Shore Hospital and Good Sam in Brockton start out at 24.50, and Brockton Hospital starts out at $22.50. Hope this helps. Anyone else with more info please feel free to chime in!
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  4. by   rjohn
    thank u so much!!!!! this helps me with interviews and all, coz.. its hard to talk with no idea wat's going on..
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    I work at Beth Israel also, and actually I'm getting paid almost 27 an hour...and thats the 25.75 with the PPC I get which is still 1.11...hmmm..wonder why that is. PPC is hard to explain...hehehehhe.
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    How much does MGH pay anyway? I thought it was decent? I think I asked this already but forgot.
  7. by   gerry79
    Hi Lena! I think that the nurse managers set the PPC rate. My classmate who started the same time as me gets $1.50 for her PPC yet my PPC is $2.25. I dont understand it. We are both variable shift also. She thinks that her manager is trying to save money on her budget. Have you filled out the employee survey? Most of the nurses on my floor expressed their displeasure with the PPC system. Orientation is going well. Three weeks down, 9 to go until I am on my own!
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey gerry!

    Wow already almost done with orientation huh. Yes I did fill out the survey. Should have mentioned the PPC...but instead I just put that we should be adequately staffed with BETTER THAN FAIR pay. Not sure if it will do anything. We ought to be paid more for what we do...I don't know.
  9. by   Bill E. Rubin
    Dumb question from a nursing student... what's PPC?
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from cityhawk
    Dumb question from a nursing student... what's PPC?

    Not a dumb question at all! Not many hospitals have this stupid system. PPC stands for Professional Pay Code. Hard to explain what exactly it is though, but instead of a differential model, they go by a set rate that you make every single shift. I'm still confused by it...