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  1. so I'm hoping to get into Bunker Hill weekend program for the fall-am I wrong to think that after getting my 2 year degree that I will be able to get a job in the Boston area-I'm fifty-have aMaster's in education and am 50-I want to be anurse but didn't plan on a bachelors degree-I guess I'm in a rush to just work as a nurse since I've always had a desire to do it-but at this point in my life, I thought I could could get a decent job with a two year RN-am i way off track-
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Very competitive in the Boston market for new grads, your degree and maturity will help. But are you prepared to work nights and weekend as well as full time. That is what new grad has to do.
  4. by   gerry79
    Market is very tight for new grads. I just graduated from an ADN program 2 weeks ago and was fortunate to land a position at a Boston hospital. Most of the hosptials hire from within (CNA's, unit coordinators, nurse interns) so that leaves very little opportunity for outsiders to get a job. If possible try to work as a tech at the hospital you want to work at. You stand a better chance of getting hired on.
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  5. by   jshine0007
    so it would be worth my while to get my CNA? I looked into the one at Winchester Hospital-I am done with pre reqs so I have this semester off-maybe I should get that and try to get a job in a hospital-what do you think

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