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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   Colljt
    I'm actually kind of getting frustrated as the financial aid office isnt seeming to be that helpful! I cannot really contact anyone there, EVER. Ha ha.

    But i think its good a lot of us are in the same boat(well not good, as i dont wish my debt on anyone else!) i thought i was alone too, and when i say swimming in undergrad debt, i mean it, like every penny for undergrad tuition was a loan. BUT i am STILL trying to look on the brightside.

    I think it will be well worth it in the long run. So keep your heads up!

    Were you all at the open house?

  2. by   Colljt
    Hey guys,

    Are there any students in the Masters program or the upcoming BSN program that can recommend cheaper health insurance for individual coverage? The schools insurance is SO expensive and im trying to research my options for health insurance and figure it would be worth my while to see what some of you have. I am entering the BSN program this may.

    thanks so much!

  3. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hi Colleen!

    I have been in pretty constant contact with the financial aid office. I feel like I have no knowledge in what to do for this stuff, and luckily Jolene is there to answer a lot of my questions! Just keep being persistant and call around 3:00pm, that always seems to work for me. I got my financial aid just about squared away and am waiting for the stuff to approve some things now.

    As for health insurance, I work for the Mass. Department of Revenue so I know ALLLLL about this new mandate for health insurance. And it is putting a lot of people between a rock and a hard place. But one thing I recommend is looking into Commonwealth Care. Its the state's answer to this new mandate and is supposedly affordable to Mass. residents, its definitely worth a try.

    Let me know if you need anymore help, I am happy to help.

    P.S.- Have you done your CPR course, gotten books/uniforms etc yet? Cause I am so behind the ball right now!
  4. by   Colljt
    Hey adrienne!

    Thanks for getting back. I feel like i have a grip on getting everything for financial aid squared away. i ended out having to take out a lot of alternative loans, but i feel like at my age, im just not okay with moving home with my family at 25. i feel as though i wasnt out on my own in an apartment since i was 18, i would consider it, but living on your own for 8 years then moving home, no thanks! So since boston area rent isnt exactly cheap, im looking at a lot of loans. BUT i finally feel like i have grip on it, ha! I might be eating ramen in school. )

    as far as health insurance goes, i enrolled with the school, and in the meantime applied for connector care which i might not get, as if your school offers insurance they tend to deny, said the guy. but i know i can appeal if the schools is expensive. so its cool.

    as far as school stuff goes i have ordered everything in terms of supplies, minus books. i did my CPR stuff, my dad is a firefighter and paramedic and also teaches cert. classes so i did it with him.

    where in ma are you living? im assuming youre quitting your job when school starts. maybe we can get coffee sometime!

    Take care!

  5. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hey Colleen,

    Those alternative loans are so bittersweet, its like a good thing that you get them but at the same time you got to loan, and are obligated to it considering you signed your life away and I sware I swore away my first born!! (lol)

    Yea, I like in an extremely convienient area. I like in the Longwood Medical area, next to Brigham and Woman's around the corner from Children's Hosptial and up the street from Beth Israel. Not to mention, there are numerous colleges in the area. The rent is based on our income, so thats a good and bad thing because as soon as you get a raise at work, your rent goes right up with it, so its like you are always behind the 8-ball. But the location and convience of it all almost makes it worth it, I also have the T at either end of my street and the Partners shuttle is 1.6 mins away from my house also.

    I am seriously slacking with the school prep. stuff! I want the 'best' of everything but still have no idea on where these things are located! I am so jealous that your dad certified you! I've been dragging my feet up that hill as well. But I work well under pressure and it will all get done..eventually.

    And I definitely would love to do coffee sometime just PM me, and we can get mentally prepared for this adventure we are about to embark on together! Where is your current location now, and what do you hope for the future???

  6. by   Rica19

    Did anyone ever get back to you? I am in the same boat as you and am a bit overwhelmed. Have you taken the chemistry prerequisite yet? If so, do you know what/where you are taking it? I've emailed the school twice but haven't heard anything yet.

    Thanks and hope you're having a good night.
  7. by   Rica19
    Sorry for the confusion - this post was in response to Klama78. Congratulations to all of you who were accepted to the program and good luck. I am sure that you must be busy preparing, but if you have a chance to give some chemistry prerequisite advice, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. by   Colljt
    hi guys!

    does anyone know where our biobehavioral clinicals are going to be? or if they are at all different places? perhaps anyone who has done the masters program and has already done a biobehavioral class and clinical can offer some info as to where those clinicals might be!

    also, adrienne if you want to grab coffee send me a pm


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  9. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Greeting Everyone!

    You know Colljt, I was thinking the same thing about our clinicals. I was super excited when she said we would hear from them soon in regards to where we would be placed.

    I'm sure we will find out soon enough though! Also, this is a dumb question but I need to ask.. if we already graduated we don't need to submit a final transcipt or anything right?

  10. by   DiDi25
    I was wondering if you guys enjoy the new accelerated nursing program? How many students are enrolled in your class? I was thinking of applying to the program but worried about getting in. Would they accept someone with a 2.959 gpa?
  11. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hi DiDi,

    I'm enrolled in the program and its a ton of work as expected. There are about 50 people in our class who are all very diverse. The program in highly competitive. We were told that there were about 300-400 applicants for 50 spaces. I don't think its just based off your undergrad GPA but everything. It seems that everyone in this class has had a GPA of over 3.0ish. But definitely still apply for next year!!!!!! Just be prepared for long hours and classes on Saturday. However, the professors are all AMAZING! In addition to teaching they are all still staff nurses although some have "higher" appointments. But they are so passionate about nursing and teaching which makes it enjoyable for you. They are super supportive and will help you as much as they can! But I love it, my classmates are awesome! Willing to help each other or lend an ear when you need to vent. Another good thing is that clinicals start very early in the year, like super early so thats a benefit!

    If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM me!!! I will be more than happy to answer!!!!!
  12. by   BSNstudent107
    I second that. I am enrolled as well it is a ton of work but I still have some time to see my friends and do a little side work for money. You just have to learn good time management. The teachers are AWESOME and understand their are diverse backgrounds. You should def apply with your GPA. They understand people are young when they get their undergrad just make sure you have a super strong essay and some good recommendations.
  13. by   DiDi25
    Did you send in your application early? Also, is working in a science field a plus?

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