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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   katester5249
    So I definately am not going to MGH IHP bc I jsut found out I was accepted at BC for their program! Yay! I love everyone w.whom I spoke to at BC; it just seems like such a cohesive and supportive environment, which I need for such an intense program.

    I think I'll probably work on my masters part time after I get my RN (after only 11 mo!) so I can make some money and not take out as many student loans

    Good luck all!
  2. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Congradulations Kate!

    I wish you all the best there! Its such a good school and I'm sure you will succeed!
  3. by   ddigga15
    Congrats Kate, That sounds like a wonderful program! Best of luck. Has anyone else heard about the evening and weekend schedule? I personally have not, but would like to know if its true. I feel like i'm going into this blindly. I have no idea what the schedule will be like.
  4. by   butch228
    Hi all,

    I'm not in the accelerated BSN program. I just finished the RN-MSN program at IHP. Most of the student body consists of Direct Entry MSN students..and the consensus was that the RN portion was the best part the IHP good luck and happy studying!
  5. by   AlyRNtoBe
    ddigga - I haven't heard anything official about the schedule, but I'd love to know too! If anyone finds out, please post!
  6. by   Colljt
    Hey guys!

    I got accepted to MGH for the BSN program as well. I got my letter only last week, well, maybe almost two weeks ago. I was totally shocked, as i thought that i for sure didnt get in. A girl in one of my pre recs got an acceptance letter in DEC, and i hadnt gotten anything as of yet. BUT, low and behold, i will be there too.

    I am really excited, but worried about money as well. The way i look at it is that i might have to double my debt from undergrad, but nursing is an investment, as we will all be doing so well when we get out of school!

    Congrats to you guys too!! Are you all from the boston area?

  7. by   Colljt
    Oh, i also meant to say...

    i never got a phone call, but rather just the letter....whats up with that!?

    is that weird?
  8. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hi Colljt,

    Congratulations on being accepted, I bet you are super excited! I am worried about the cost but I figure when you already owe $20,000 in student loans, what's another $50,000, right?? LOL.. I am from the Boston area and will also be attending MGHIHP. I don't think its weird that you didn't get a phone call, I'm thinking you are apart of the lucky second round of acceptance letters that were sent out.

    But either way the admission staff thought you were a great student to add to the first BSN class! So Welcome!!

  9. by   BSNstudent107
    Congrats everyone! I actually was accepted as well! What is this Ihear about evening and weekend courses? They stated occasional weekends at the info session but it would be full time and you could not work! Anyone heard anything?
  10. by   Colljt
    i just wanted to throw it out there, that since its the first year of the program, they arent accredited for it yet...and cant get accreditation until the program starts....

    does this worry anyone else?

    Im sure itll be fine, as they are well known, but it worries me!
  11. by   BSNstudent107
    I am not worried about it since people in the direct entry program have stopped half way through the program and went into a nursing career. They are well known and I don't think this will be any problem at all!

    I am more worred about this talk about evening and weekend program. Do you think they can dot his when this is not what was explained when we went to an info session?
  12. by   AlyRNtoBe
    I think the schedule is all just rumors right now. MGH IHP just bought new buildings for the school, so hopefully that will open up more classroom space & it will be a day program. I called & asked and they said the schedule hadn't been determined yet for our program. Hopefully we will hear more soon...
  13. by   AlyRNtoBe
    Is anyone planning to work at all during this program? P/T?

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