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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   katester5249

    Congrats onthe scholarship! That is great! What do you currently do? How did you decide to enter nursing?
  2. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hello Katester!

    Thank you very much, its appreciated! Currently, I work for the State of Massachusetts as a Tax Examiner for the Department of Revenue. Its a very uneventful job to say the least! I've always wanted to be in the medical field, only it started as wanting to be an MD. After starting my undergrad year I started to realize how hard that was and decided to reevaluate my situation. Also, it was impossible to get into the nursing major at my school. So nursing was my next venture and here I am. I just needed a program where I could finish VERY soon and 14 months was the shortest amount of time I found. And I have a daughter that is 7 months old and wanted to start and finish before she got too old.

    What about you, Kate, what is your story?
  3. by   AlyRNtoBe

    Does anyone have any updates? I was accepted to Regis, but am still planning on attending MGH in May!

    I have a friend in the MSN program at MGH & she said due to space issues at the Charlestown campus, the BSN might be an evening/weekend schedule. Has anyone heard this?
  4. by   graymama
    I was also accepted at Regis. What draws you to MGHIHP more than Regis? Is it just the idea of being in Boston at the hospitals down there (this is definitely a factor for me)? I like the flexible schedule that Regis offers, but am not sure if that is enough to lure me away from the prospect of being in Boston!

    Does Regis have a decent reputation among nurses/hospitals around here?
  5. by   AlyRNtoBe

    Yes, having the clinical rotations in Partners hospitals is definitely a huge factor. I have heard so many people rave about MGH - current hospital staff & friends. I think that counts for a lot. Also, MGH is 14 months for the BSN & Regis is 2 years full-time & a lot more money.

    Are you having a tough time deciding?
  6. by   graymama
    I'm looking at Direct Entry Programs at Regis, Simmons and MGHIHP. Just got into Regis - Simmons should let me know within the week. MGH says first week in March! I am leaning towards Simmons, but MGH definitely has its appeal! I have kids, so I am trying to decide if I should be practical and go with the flexibility of Regis... Kind of losing it at this point trying to figure it all out!!!:innerconf

    I just want to make sure I end up at a decent place, if you know what I mean!!!
  7. by   AlyRNtoBe
    You should check out the BC direct entry program too!
  8. by   graymama
    The one thing about BC's program is that it is only 2 years, and leaves no room for working as an RN and gaining some experience on the way to the Masters. I personally want to get some experience - Simmons requires that you work 24 hours/week as an RN while continuing on to the Masters. I realize that everyone has different needs, but that is why the program at BC didn't appeal to me. It is great in that you can get through in 2 years!
  9. by   AdrienneRN2b

    Is MGHIHP saying to wait again until March for an admissions decision?!
  10. by   graymama
    I should have been clearer about MGHIHP - the timing that I am talking about is for Direct Entry for Fall 08. The deadline for applications is January 15??? and I was told they would have decisions for admission around the first week in March. This is the program for non-nurses with a Bachelor's degree to get an RN and then an MSN in 3 years.

    Sorry for any confusion!:spin:
  11. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Oh okay, so you didn't apply for the accelerated BSN?
  12. by   graymama
    No...just DE
  13. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Oh i see, Good Luck!!

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