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Hello! Is anyone applying to MBCC for Fall 2011? I didn't get in last year, this year I'll have a 4.0 GPA and 30 credits all from Mass Bay. I really hope to get in this time but the system seems... Read More

  1. by   homewithtali
    I just got my class schedule in the mail...did you? Foundations for Nursing Practice on Tues night 5-7 and Pharmacology for Nurses Wed night 5-9...Hopefully thats it for now.
  2. by   mastudent
    Anyone in the day program heard anything more about the study day, or how the labs work? Thanks!
  3. by   Geriatriccare
    Quote from MashkinM
    @homewithtali, So do you know if these are the only days that we will be required to be in class? during 1st semester? im trying to change my work schedule and i would hate to tell my doctor one thing and then end up with another and mess patient times and create huge inconvenience for everyone...
    Hi It is so hard to get info from MBCC. Can anyone tell me when (if they even did) they provided you with an application and what that application required - references, essay, etc? Would like to get going on this while completing last set of courses. Or, are they just looking at transcripts & GPA's for admission to the RN program. Thank you so much. Gerri
  4. by   Geriatriccare
    Hello - Can anyone tell me when and who at Mass Bay provided you with an application and what that application required - number of references, essay, etc? And, does anyone know if they have ever accepted a student with less than a 3.5 GPA who has taken all of their courses through MBCC? Do they look at anything else other than the GPA? Also, how are they calculating the GPA - is it done two ways - one with science only courses and the other with all other required courses? Thank you. Gerri.
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  5. by   milksteak
    No references or essay needed.. it's just a basic application. Student with less than 3.5 GPA can definitely get in.. mine was 3.4..
    If you have taken all your courses through massbay then you will have a greater chance than a transfer student- much greater chance. Have you taken any co-reqs? They like to see that you have more than just pre-reqs because it's very hard to do co-reqs and the course simultaneously..
    and definitely have your micro finished!!
    And I believe GPA is overall, but i'm not 100 percent positive on that.
  6. by   milksteak
    Labs are one day a week.. last fall, they were either Monday or Wednesday (after lecture) or on a Tuesday.
  7. by   milksteak
    Quote from hopetobeanurseoneday
    hi mashkinm,

    i received a letter from massbay last fall 2010 that they will stop january nursing/evening program and start on september so it can follow the same path as daytime nursing program. i have also received my acceptance letter begining of february of this year and will start evening program this sept. i already went to the orientation last week (may 18) and did the hesi a2 exam yesterday. in the letter that i received confirming the orientation and hesi dates, it clearly stated that student do not need to study and this will not affect our status in nursing program, i hope they really keep their word because it was really tough! now it really kind of give me an idea of how hard it will be to get through this program.

    good luck!

    yes, hesi does not matter towards your grade.. they want to see how well you know your issh :d
    you take it again at the end of the semester also, to see if you have improved.
  8. by   Geriatriccare
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. To apply for Fall 2012 (by February) I will have completed everything except Pharmacology. Can you give me more specifics on your science grades - Am I correct that you are in the B + to A- range for Micro, A&P I & II and Chemistry. Did you have an interview with the Dean too or just with the admission counselors? Thank you Snipsnapsnap. Gerri
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  9. by   mastudent
    Did any "Day" students make it to the study skills session? I am trying to figure out where to go on the first day of class and wondered if you were given any info....thanks!!