Holy Family Hospital

  1. Does anyone know anything about Holy Family Hospital in Methuen,Ma? How they treat their Nurses, the atmosphere, the pay scales ?? I have an interview there next week and would appreciate a little insight, info.
    ( I'm hoping it's ALL GOOD!!) Thank you
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  3. by   DDRN4me
    Hi Sera, I have not worked there for many years...they are part of the Caritas Christie network now. I know a friend who used to work in the ER more recently and her friends love it. Care is good there.. especially in the mother baby unit. they also have a very strong oncology floor; and very large fairly new cancer clinic/ they also have 2 inpatient psych units that have a great reputation. Good Luck!!!
  4. by   pamc217
    I interviewed there last fall, they told me the starting salary is 25.00 an hour.
  5. by   mom2diva
    Thank you Pam217 and DDRN4me for your input on HF !

  6. by   esokane
    What position and what floor/unit are you interested in?
  7. by   mom2diva
    Hi esokane-Thankyou. I am considering surgical day care . I love the surgical unit-the pace etc. serarn
  8. by   esokane
    A good place to work at Holy Family. Some floors I would recommend other area hospitals (due to staffing issues), but with surgi day care you can't go wrong. HF is not as competitive with their medical benefits as LGH or Merrimac Valley (insurance is double the price). Thats the only down fall that I can think off. Best of Luck