Hiring at Major Hospitals (non accredited program grads)

  1. Hello, I'm looking for input from anyone who works at the bigger hospitals here in MA: MGH, BWH, BMC, UMASS etc.

    I'm attending a nursing program (ASN) this fall that is now under review from the ACEN and their approval is with warning (BON). I work full time and have debt from a Masters so this is my only option right now.

    From what I understand as long as the approval from the BON goes through again I will be okay. There are some RN-BSN programs online that don't require accreditation (yes they are very limited). Some of these programs do require experience working first which would be impossible to get in the Boston area without a BSN anyway.

    My question is, do magnet hospitals require students to come from accredited schools for BOTH the ASN and BSN portion, or do they just look at BSN? Has anyone done this in the recent years? I'm worried the lists of RN-BSN programs that accept unaccredited coursework are outdated.
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  3. by   vitiana
    DO you mean the Laboure College? Its hard to get a job as a new grad BSN I ant imagine as a new grad ASN. Im an LPN working in a North Shore hospital already, good luck !
  4. by   BostonFNP
    To be honest, you are taking a pretty large personal and financial risk here, if your end goal is to work in a major academic medical center. The truth is, without having excellent networking contacts or extensive experience, you are going to have a difficult time finding work in a major academic center (and likely in an hospital setting in the metro area).

    Remember, the BON deals with the education requirements to sit for the NCLEX and to obtain licensure in the state (board approval), they do not handle individual program accreditation via national bodies. Provided the program remains accredited it won't keep you from continuing your education, but if it drops approval you will not be able to take the NCLEX or get licensed.

    There are four ADN-RN programs in MA that are under board approval warning, all for persistently elevated failure rates on the NCLEX. For example, Labore and Quincy had board pass rates in 2016 that were abysmal at under 60%. Don't waste your time and money would be my advice.
  5. by   CiaMia
    (Misinterpreted - my mistake!)

    I would think for the Magnet facilities as long as the BSN is accredited it should be okay. May be wrong though!