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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   Jmarie24
    ok... I am alive! woohoo...lemme tell you the first minute I thought I was going to pass out!! but then I got over it real fast as I was listening to his every word! As mentioned before he mentions how intensive the course really if you are already in healthcare is advantage.. I did have time to speak coz I made sure I did...I wish I thought of more to say I was in a half comatose state i think sitting there nodding my head up and down to death like a bobblehead...

    the first thing he asked me was why I wanted to go into the program..That was when I was forgetting how to breath and fumbled my words..not soo smooth but the rest I feel went very very very well... I got a smile out of him which to me felt like victory! I am applying for day and he did say to me that those spots are filling up quick and last interview is Wednesday so someone booked after you! More people in our way!!! He did ask me about night/wkd sched I said ill make it work if I got in...I just want in! It would suck would be on more days with school then day program but 10 months wont kill me...ill handle it...he talks with lady on Wednesday about who will fill rest of spots...They send the letters out then...and we hear if we get in or are on a waiting list in 1 week...

    I was very organized and had all my stuff together..I am just so mad about the most important question he asked me and I was fumbling so bad...good communication skills my butt!!!

    I do feel it went well and will just pray for the best...I did have to get a something ?? background check related notarized befoer my applicationw ould be complete because I am out of state..I went straight to the bank and had it done then I went right back there...he was with another applicant...his door was open so I heard EVERYTHING! The individual did not have his personal statement!!!! My jaw hit the ground... he was like "will this affect me getting in?" and he was like "no it will not dont worry about it"...WHAT? It was on the list of requirements...i was wondering if he said that to avoid confrontation.....he had medical experience but seemed very unorganized....I won't lie I feel good knowing that I had my interview the same day as that individual...I wonder if they pick one a day..if that makes sense...he did look at my statement and my letters of rec in front of me..not reading in entirety but skimmed it and did read a little bit..he was shaking his head up and down and muttering good that looks anyways it was about an hour long...hey who knows sawyer we could hopefully be in the same class together!!!

  2. by   kekecruiser
    Congratulations on your sounds like you did great and have a good shot at getting in.

    Sawyer~ Good luck today!
  3. by   sawyer12
    Thanks for the vibes guys!!!

    ok........Im home. The interview went well...I think. It is so hard to tell. JMarie, like you I was fumbling my words a bit. I made sure I listened intently. I did feel a bit insecure when I told him I have no healthcare experience and havent taken any science courses - I really think it will be held against me. I am hoping that my NET score and personal statement will make up for that. It did seem like there were more openings in the nite program vs the day. I dont now.....I wont be able to calm down until I get that letter and know one way or the other.

    Prisi - If you are reading this he said that the wait list people have a good chance of getting in - A lot of people dont send in their $$$ on time so then they go to the wait list.

    He said he was mailing out letters tomorrow so we might even know before the weekend. I just want this to be over!!!!!!!! Let me know when you get the letter - GOOD VIBES FOR US!!!!!!
  4. by   sawyer12
    Oh and another thing - that guy who didnt have his statement yesterday at your interview JMarie.......I am sorry but he should have been made to leave. There were certain requirements that we needed and he didnt have them - I hope he doesnt get a pass because he has experience. I mean he is already showing he is not responsible. It reminds me of testing day when people didnt have their license - I mean the only thing we had to bring was a photo ID and you dont have your license!!!!!! Sorry for venting.....just trying to trick myself into thinking that we have a better shot because we are organized and did what we were told!!!
  5. by   kekecruiser
    Did he mention anything about the orientation? I don't even know if that is what is was called but I think it is either next week or the week after??
  6. by   Jmarie24
    sawyer! oh I was sending positive vibes your way today!! Sounds like it went had everything you needed...oh i know what you mean about the person that didnt have all his stuff but I think he was maybe avoiding confrontation ya know? But I hear ya on that!!! Makes me feel better to hear that a lot of ppl dont hand in money on time... ok so MAYBE we will hear by Friday???? awww man.... If I get in man oh man it will be a crazy 10 months but soooo worth it.... My NET score will prolly end up biting me in the butt mixed with the no healthcare but thinking positive but not too positive...aghhh cant eat or sleep for last 2 days...nerves...sooo anooying they can be sometimes!!

  7. by   Jmarie24
    he didnt say an exact date keke to me just 2 weeks in august and only 2 days a week for 2 weeks... sounds confusing..but no exact dates..
  8. by   lblack126
    hi folks - i don't know lowell tech as a school, but assume it is MA and for LPN'S? My mom is in a nursing home and her LPN's save her life everyday. LPN's rock!

    just wanted to give a shout out to all MA potential nurses while also comforting my own choice, that terrifies me - I am beginning the MSN program at Regis for non-nurses with other BA/BS degrees. After 1.5 years of pre-med and other degrees, I am dutifully frightened to start in August, but pysched as well. Rock on ladies and gents who want to be nurses! I am sure I will be writing about being more terrified, again, soon.
  9. by   Jmarie24
    Thanks lblack!! And good luck to you hon!!!!!!! You are on a great path! You will do great!!!!
  10. by   sawyer12
    keke...he said it was 2 nites a week for 2 weeks in august...former students will come in and talk about the program and tell the best ways to study. He said there was no attendance taken and it is optional but if I get in I will be there.

    Jmarie - I am hoping we know by Fri cause the suspense will kill me over the weekend!!! It will be worth it to give up 10 months of our lives. he said last yr by end of first term 10 people dropped/flunked out and the majority of them tried to work full time and go to school. he said there is at least 3 hrs of studying every nite. But what I really wanted to know is what color are the scrubs! It would be so cool if you, me, keke & prisi are all in the same class.
  11. by   Jmarie24
    omg ya he said same stuff to me too...i hope to the high heavens they are not white!!!!!!!! hahahhaa ill be checking my mail box obsessively after tomorrow! hahahaa
  12. by   kekecruiser
    I just rec'd my packet of information in the mail. We can all breath a little easier knowing that the scrubs are indigo!!!! Yeah...I like that color.

    The info also states that the orientation is on 8/25 and we only need a notepad. No full uniform for the first week.

    Uniform fitting is 7/14 and the prep course is August 5,6,10 & 11th. I also rec'd the book list which comes to about $750.00. I forgot about that expense...I can't find my list of what was included in the tuition. Does anyone have that list?

    I think that is it! I hope you all get your acceptance letter tomorrow!

    I'm starting to get nervous.....
  13. by   Jmarie24
    KEKE Awesome info! yay for the packet! Hopefully we all get one!!!

    Ya I have list you must be in state ok hold on..lemme grab my papers...

    ok for in state this is what is says:

    Seat Reservation-$500
    Tuition- $5500
    Uniforms- $350
    State Exam- $400
    Graduation- $150

    Seat Reservation, Tuition downpayment, textbooks, and uniforms.

    That is all it says...

    I wonder if the uniforms include a steth in that pricing otherwise myyy goodness!!

    But yes INDIGO IS GREAT!!!!!!!! lol

    My family and close friends are all going away from thursday til monday ( i have work of course) and I do not want to open my letter alone..I am sure I will get it by Saturday but I will wait until might kill me but I really don't think I can do it alone!!!

    AGHH we will see...But I will post when I get it in the mail!

    Sooooo.... again KEKE awesome to know that information up front if all works out for the rest of us I will adjust my schedule accordingly now! I hate being in the dark- even though I am not officially a student yet! hahaha